Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Time to get jiggy with it.

Need a beach holiday. Pronto! 

So.. i'll be able to find myself in New York one day?

 My life philosophy

Don't we all wish this... 

Finally... this made me laugh. =) 

Happy Thursday peeps! Don't worry it's FRIDAYYY tomorrow! Woo! 


Monday, 12 March 2012

Away Notice 101

    10 months later... I return to Hong Kong once again.

Have a great week in Malaysia peeps. 


Friday, 9 March 2012

Bicester Village and Christmas Eve

So the sister took us to Bicester Village when we were in England. Basically the village carries high street brands at low rates. Something like a premium outlet? One thing i noticed when i was there... about 80% of the visitors was China mainland tourist. 10% were Indonesian and probably the remaining 10% were whites. Man asians are rich folks. LOL. you can have a look at the village on their website at http://www.bicestervillage.com/

I got a few things from Bicester and my family did well for themselves too! hehe. This trip to bicester definitely set me back abit in the finance department though.. Work hard, spend hard ey? =) 

Xmas eve came and we celebrated with a buffet spread (done by my sis) and we had some champagne to ourselves as well. =) We chilled and danced the night away on the Wii.... 

Enjoysssss the piccassss! =) 

Clear skies and sunlight on the way to Bicester. 

7 degrees outside.. burr

arrived at Bicester Village, UK

group shot before heading home. Btw. it's only 3pm... -.- 

The damage.. =) 

Champagne for the night.

Happy Christmas Family! 

Cheese and Onion Pickle

Pork Pies

Mini Quiche  

Roast pork belly and Roast chicken drumlets

Candy cane cupcakes

Mini Chocolate Molten Lava

Mother and Daugther

Putting out mince pie and milk for santa and the carrot for Rudolph 


Sunday, 4 March 2012

On my wish list - One Day - I will make it.

Big Dreams: Big Hopes: Big Wishes <3

Birmingham and German Market

23rd Decemeber 2011 - Birmingham & German Markets. 

It wasn't the first time going to Birmingham or the German Markets.. the city center was the same but the markets was something different. Relatively enjoyed this visit to Birmingham. 

The fact was that seeing a Christmas market out of KL has always been something i truly enjoyed. Would have been great if we went during night time though having probably been able to get a nice hot chocolate bailey's drink! Better luck next time then. And possibly go to Germany to have it. hehe. 

Anyway. Enuff blabbing about.. enjoy the pictures. 

Happy Monday peeps! xoxo