Monday, 28 January 2008

Back to University

Is it me or is time really moving fast these days? I mean i still remember it being yesterday that it was new years... now its already the 28th? gosh.... time is really going.. sooner or later it will be august and i'll be home in Malaysia with my family and friends.. missing the English weather. (loads of British will laugh at me coz they hate their weather)

I've actually been going out lately so there are loads of pictures to load up. I will do when i have the chance. As you all know i dont have a laptop here with me so therefore im blogging from uni.

I've got a painful sore throut and runny nose.. but still surviving dont worry!
I NEED to find a job if im going to go travelling in june!! I need the money!! I need to get money to go back to msia so that i can travel as well!!! I dont know these days... i just feel like travelling. hehe.

Well its going to be a short post ladies and gentlemen as ive got nothing much else to say...

Stay Tuned & have a good day!


Friday, 25 January 2008

Chinese New Year cookies from the Krumbs.

What is Krumbs??

Krumbs is a business project by two friends – one with a great passion for food, writing and creative designs, the other; an artistic soul with inspiring talent in the world of digital animation and stage performances. Years of friendship have led them to dream far and by putting together their passions and ambitions, they hope to run a cafĂ© of their own someday. (

I know that everyone celebrating Chinese new year has already got tons of cookies stored away in their house already.. but.. Krumbs offers different cookies from the normal ones we have this festive season.
You won't regret it i promise!

So visit their site... and do a little ordering and when it's in your hands you wont be regretting.

here is the site one more time..

Till the next update stay tuned and enjoy those cookies!


Monday, 21 January 2008

Its been a year.

I still remember the way you look, sound and smile....
I still remember how you teased me all the time in high school...
I still remember the last time i saw you (my birthday dec 29 2006)....
I still remember you!
I miss you dearly my dear friend and pray that you are having fun and happy now....
Just know my friend.. that you will always be in my heart and i'll never forget you...

It has been a year.. it feels like it has been forever that you have been gone... We all miss you very much.. I know you are watching us from above laughing at the little stupid things that we do and i know.... you miss us too!

Rest in Peace dear friend for it has been a year of sorrow without you.

Jason Soo Sing Hing - June 3rd 1987 - January 21st 2007
Love always,

Saturday, 19 January 2008


Hi all... just wanted to keep you all updated on what i have been doing for the past 5 days...

I handed in my comms audit assignment and sent off elia and sham at the bus station hangged out abit in town and then went home and catched up with Dian... as she is leaving leeds soon.

We (Al and me) woke up at 3pm! hahahah. i know late and lazy cows huh?? then we had some lunch.. then we watched some t.v..... then that's abt it.

We (Al and me) woke up at 3pm again... then we hangged out with dian at my place... then... i decided to go out with pinky and the spanish to oceana.. it was a good fun night.. pictures will be posted some time i guesS? haha when i get the pictures. got home at around 6.45? haha and then slept until 3pm again....

Woke up at 3pm again.. we both.. (coz al is sleeping in my room) we didnt do much.. then we got invited to go to hafiz place for some Nasi Lemak!! yay!! and then... we came back and i went to watch a movie at pinky's place. got back around 4am..

We finally broke the waking up time to 1pm.. as we wanted to go out to the city to shop! I got two dresses, a hat and leggings for tonight and tomorrow night

Tonight and tomorrow night
Heading over to revolution for a night out with Dian as it's our last night out together in town.
Sat night party at clemens - purpose of it - going away party cum christina's bday party.

Having dinner at one of the Malaysian houses... Ayam masak merah! with rice... mmmmm... nice? definately... but we'll see.

That wraps up my week...... nxt week probably the same but not going out. hahaha. no more money already... budget sabrina... budget.....

Alright till the next update stay tuned and take care everyone.


Monday, 14 January 2008


Hi all,

Just a short update... I went to uni today to print out our comms audit assignment.. it was 15K words... and erm.. well we spent like 18pounds in printing times 18 by 7 and that's how much it was in ringgit.. crazy shit. haha well dont worry im sure i'll get my money back from the client.

In other news, Sham and Elia are leaving tomorrow to fly back to msia for about a month. Leaving Al and me here... to .. erm.. i dont know. as i said in my previous post.. no lappie to use! =( how nice.. hahahah im sure we will go to uni to use the comps tho. haha

Well i hope sham and elia have a blast back in malaysia.. and erm.. me and aliaa have a fun holiday as well in england. haha

Okay. till the next update peeps.. take care!


Sunday, 13 January 2008


Hi all, im blogging just for the sake of blogging. haha... Well i guess i wont be blogging much for a month as i have no laptop at Kirkstall. Yup.. probably have to go to Uni to use the net or just use junie's laptop once in awhile.

This is because... Elia and sham are returning to malaysia and they are bringing back their laptops as well as mine as it needs to be fixed.. hopefully they can fix it so that my parents wont need to buy a new one for me. haha. But.. if its just the same amount of money buying a new one to repair my old one they might as well just buy right? ? haha.

Alright lets just update the blog with random pics. haha. these pics definitely didnt appear before so dont worry.. you will be seing diff pics at the same occasions prob? haha. Alright enjoy.....
HAHAHAHAH erm.. my birthday night in Elia's room??

She force me to carry her one.. hahahhaa Elia and me
Me and Dian... ahahha funny face.. at our chinese dinner going away dinner?

Me and Clemens same place same reason

Pinky looks hot!

Me in primark.. i love this hoodie!!

Al and me ermmmm.. Malay celebration.. cant remember what already.. the one where they chop the cow.

Al and me.. girls day out

Me and Sham. girls day out
Elia talking to Shaz on the phone while walking to the bus stop?

Its SNOW!!! hahahahaOne sunny day.. i decided to take a pic.. this is the view out of my window..

SAme but in normal colour!

MY lunch on that sunny day.. haha erm.. its maggi la.. nothing special..

SNow,sham and i.

Me on our xmas party night!

Sham and I

Us in Santa hats. haha

Elia and me.. dancing and posing?! haha

Al and Sham. hahaha poser giler.

My Grandma's house decorated. XmasMy grandma...opening her presents!

My presents that i got!

Oh Christmas Tree oh christmas tree...

Turkey, Sprouts, Stuffing, Potatos, Carrots, Roast Pork - Xmas dinner

Right.. i think that can keep you all updated for a month right? hahaha.

Anyway.. Stay tuned. you never know i may be able to blog from junie's laptop.. Ok then.. that's it for this post!

Take care!

Monday, 7 January 2008


Hi all, Right how was everyones weekend? good? had a great time at the movies, clubs and shopping malls? If so, im very happy for all of you! coz while you was outside having fun.. i was stuck at home with an assignment that is due tuesday and i'm pretty stressed over it. But in my book.. my last minute work always turns out to be better than my long done work! haha.

So yea.. thats due tues and i've got a comms audit meeting right after that. i know i'm bringing back up comms audit but thats just becoz we have to finish up the final report and that's due on the 14th. So after the 14th we are done! woppee! Holiday!! hehe...

Shaam and Elia are going back.. leaving me, aliaa and junie here... all alone... sniff sniff. while we are having the nice and lovely cold weather they'll be having all the steamboat, char kuey teow, chicken rice, asam laksa and all the malaysian delicacies...... mmmmm.... Bring some back to England for me yah?

I also would like to take this opportunity to wish all my friends who examinations are beginning tomorrow Good Luck and All the Best! You guys can do it! =D

People in Leeds experience some snow on the 3rd of Jan this year. It was just a light snow drop and not a huge one in Leeds but i've heard and read over the news that other places around the U.K experienced heavy downfall of snow that covered the streets up to 4 inch thick!

Anyway, we as Malaysians were excited as hell!!

This is the scenario.... haha it's funny. I was sleeping in my nice warm and comfy bed when there was this loud knock on my door! It continued for quite some time. I then got out thinking it was Aliaa wanting to use the laptop so i unlocked it and jump straight back into bed. Indeed it was Aliaa but she was knocking on the door VERY loud for some other reason. She goes 'SNOW SNOW!! SABRINA SNOW!!' I just jump back into bed and a few seconds later i go! 'WHAT!?!?! SNOW!!!!' jump out of bed look out the window and it was snowing!! YAY! ahaha.

We all got a shower and decided to go for a walk in this 'light snow'.. anyway i've got some pictures that will tell you the story of our walk. So please enjoy...


Looking up into the sky - Sabrina, Smiling at camera -Shaam, Looking erm to the left - Elia

Bwahahahhaha i just had to put this up with my stupid face haha

Street of snow. hahaha

People threw snow balls at me. Bullies!

Al and Shaam

Erm someone was texting me at that moment and everyone wanted to see who it was.

HAHAHAHAH where is my eyes!?
L-R: Al, Sham and I

dont know what we were doing but it was a goot shot by our famous photographer Al.

From the brown boot clockwise: Elia, Sabrina, Shaarmini and Aliaa.

Its me and AL.Me and Al again. haha

Erm.... okay that's all for this post. I've gotta get back to writing my assignment how i wish it was as easy as this!!!!! Okay then... off i go! Stay tuned for more post coming up!

Love to all ,



Friday, 4 January 2008

My birthday.

Hey all.. my promised update on my birthday is here.... haha...
Just wanna thank all those who wished and sent me a birthday card for my birthday.
As well as those who celebrated with me when i was here ; Chie, Junie, Elia, Shaam and Aliaa.
Im 20 already.. getting old.. haha. okay then... enjoy the pictures!

Chie and me. Junie and me
Al and Me

Me getting my cake at 12am on the 29th of Dec.

Group pic.

Think i was saying Cucur. haha

Present time!! hehehehe =D

Shaam, Me and Elia - They got me Boots!

Elia and Me waiting for the bus.

Birthday dinner and party - Me, Elia and Shaam

Shaam and the birthday girl

Al and me.. =)

The three... kurang one.
Erm thats it for now.. nothing much else i guess. hehe. Next update about new years! it was nothing big! dont worry. haha. not a lot of pictures from there. Oh... and also about the update of my first encounter with snow.. well playing with it at least!

Till the next update stay tuned!