Sunday, 29 January 2012


Chester See - God Damn You're Beautiful

Every person has their emo days. Today is mine.. 


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Monday, 9 January 2012

Top 5 Epic Nights in 2011.

Number 5 - Attica, Clark Quay Singapore Feb 2011

This was a fun ass trip.... Me and Wei plus Pinky (who was picked up on the way) headed to Singapore after Chinese new year... And basically had an awesome night out at Attica, Clark Quay. It was also an epic night coz someone got drunk that night and walked around Clark Quay with her heels off. LOL. Classic.

Number 4 - Maroon 5 concert, April 2011

Even if its just the two of us. we had tons of fun... all coz we gotta drool on the hotness of Adam... hehehe.

Number 3 - Sultan Lounge then to barsonic and zouk main room.

That was an epic night! We had so much fun.. we're still talking about it nowwwwwwww! =D Was a fun night out with weis, laine, chua, fai and wkf!

Number 2 - Halloween Celebration at Gohtong Crib... October 2011.

This! was a totalllll... epic night... We were so comfortable with each other we totally let loose and had the time of our lives. This year... there'll be more to come. =D It doesnt get any better with the 4 of us. Weis, Laine, Fai and me.

And the TOP Epic nights of 2011 is......................

Hong Kong, May 2011.

Why it was the TOP? Well... the alcohol given was.... just perfect. The hotness of all the guys there. The company... and best of all.. weis was with me. =)

That wraps up my top 5 EPIC nights out in 2011. More to come in 2012.