Monday, 30 May 2011

Day out with Tina!

Weekend 1 - May 2011

Day out with Tina
Night out with friends
Mother's day celebration

This gonna be a longggg post... Let's start off with the day out with Tina... 

So we decided to catch lunch and a movie on a busy Saturday... We went to Alexis for lunch.. their calamari rings are to die for.... Picture update first. 

Moving on to the night activities... =) Velvet here we came... once again. 

Finally ending that weekend celebrating Mother's day with the mummy and family. We brought her to go eat her favourite::: Chili Crab hehe. 

That wraps up my first weekend in May... Stay tuned for the second one. =) 


Sunday, 29 May 2011

Labour day weekend getaway

I know I know... not the post you were looking out for. but i need to update on what i did for Labour weekend first. hehe. Be patient... Hong Kong will be up soon!

Moving on.. So the Foo Family decided to head over to Penang for Labour Day weekend.. Foo Family here = 19 of us? haha. that's not including a few more... 

Overall the weekend away was what i needed... I needed to get away from certain feelings i had in KL which by now... it's all gone... hehe. everything is good with me now.

So here are the awesome pictures of my adventure to Penang.. =) Enjoy..