Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Live life with no regrets

Confused - Troubled- Life- Work- Busy- Stressed - Love - Hate - Disappointed - Upset- Relieved- Scared- Worried- Angry - Frustrated-

Need a change in life. Need someone to love. Need to be loved. Love life. Hate life. Fear life. Enjoy life.

Want love - want money- want you-want happiness.

Year 2009 - Hate negativity. Breathe positivity. Live forever and ever. Dream happiness and love.

Live life with no regrets.

I thought of you all the time today. upset. disappointed and ashamed. I called you today but i got no reply. Keep thinking on what i did wrong and how i can make it up to you. i thought of you today my friend. of the times we had and the times i hope we have again. give me a call.



Sunday, 15 February 2009

2009.. Chinese New Year

Had an amazing Chinese new year with the family this year.

Did the reunion dinner, prayers to God in KL and back to KB on the first day of CNY.

All in all it was good. i had fun. and i love the family.

Current love : James McAvoy.. drooollssss....... God Save Me....

Peace out.


Monday, 9 February 2009

One word. Exhausted.

Just got back from JB... Yes peeps. i was in JB over the weekend... Working for one of our clients. Man... im soo totally tired from the whole thing. From early morning until late nights for three straight days. Can you imagine?

Anyway. its short post. just felt like writing. have to wake up tomorrow and go to work.. so.. hence. im gonna have a dead sleep tonight. i hope. haha. sleep dead = sleep well. =)

Thus, i end my entry.