Thursday, 29 May 2008


Its Wednesday.. Summer Ball is on Friday! i cannot wait! its gonna be awesome! Aliaa is leaving on that day as well so summer ball will cheer me up i guess.. And then the following day Elia and my 'housie' is going back then sham the next day... this weekend is not going to be a good one for me.. its a weekend of tears!

It's cool though.. i don't believe in the word 'Goodbye' but only 'see you again!' =) Anyway.. its a phase in life i would have to face eventually.... just wished it was not that soon!

Anyway.. Tonight its students night out! We're heading to GateCrashers again... The club is pretty amazing... i mean... it plays good music and has a great atmosphere... thus great night out ahead! Cant wait.. it would be the last time with everyone present i guess.

Moving on.. here are the pictures from the Barbeque we had last Thursday.. i love all the pictures.. Have a great look at them and enjoy!


Aydin our bbq professional

the fire.

the drinks.

the food.

Sabrina, Elia, Sham and JunieFire Fire

Natalia and Me.

hafiz and me.

group pic-girls only

girls with aydin and hafiz.

malaysians in the house!

Jason and I

Me and Aless

Rinu and I

Malaysian girls at kirkstall. me and namita

HAhahahhaa... i took this picture!

Sham. Hafiz and I.

alright thats about it. hope you enjoyed it.
Till the next update stay tuned!
Love Sabrina.

Friday, 23 May 2008

A beautiful day and night for a bbq.

It was a wonderful bbq that we organised and i am pleased with the end result that everyone was happy and the laughter i heard was great too!

Im off to Dublin in 5 hours... am really excited at the same time sad as well.... coz not all my friends are coming along with me. But never the less im sure its going to be an amazing weekend with my bibi, Elia and Sham. Cannot wait! But i've still got to pack and go to bed before getting on the flight!

Angela (my friend in dublin) is gonna meet us at the airport and be our host for our stay there which is very kind of her. Cannot wait to PARTAY! lol.

Anyway hope all goes well and that all you peeps have a good weekend as well!

I'll post the pictures up from the bbq as soon as i am able to get the pictures from Aydin... and after that i guess dublin ones.


Love to all!
Sabrina xxxx

Monday, 19 May 2008

Weather in Leeds...

British weather is unpredictable... i mean... just 2 weeks ago the weather was at 23 degrees or 25 degrees.... people though ahhh... summer is in the air... unfortunately last week... it drop till 11-12 degrees? is it..... summer then spring in the U.K? hahaha. So 2 weeks ago we were all out on the grass enjoying the sun.... and last week we were all wrapped up... and this week ? i dont know what is in store. but hopefully good weather... as we are having a BBQ on Thursday!

Uni life at this moment is over for me... just waiting for the results and my certificate.... hope i did well... wish i did well... pray for me people, please.. So for now until August... i am FREE!

Im going to Dublin on Friday!! WOOPPIEEEE!! Im sooooo excited! haha.

Anyway.. i have only a few pictures of us on the grass the other day. Oh ya ! we had a picnic as well a few weeks back.. i'll post some of those pictures too! And i've cut my hair! haha.

Err these pictures is just of us sitting in the garden..
Enjoy -pictures were taken by Pinky-

Alright.. im gonna stop here. expect an update soon!

Love Sabrina

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Tomorrow it's all over. Time Flies Fast!

HEy just a short update before i return to my studying. haha.

Just wanna tell you peeps that after tomorrow there will be no more education in my life. unless i want to do a masters.. but i very much doubt so. Tomorrow night gonna have a relaxing dinner at Akbar's... first time im trying that place out.. should be good with all the reviews it got. Then a night of party in Bar Risa.

We're going to have a bbq on the 22nd and then we are off to Dublin on the 23rd! WHoopieee and the Leeds Summer Ball on the 30th.. which reminds me i have to go get my dress! Then its gonna be a lil boring after that as Pinky, Aliaa, Meh, and Sham are all not going to be in Leeds. First three are going back to Malaysia and Sham is going to London.. sigh.. but its okay.. i still have Cristina, Maite, Nagore and Paula.. haha if they dont go back to Spain yet!

Well i'll have them till the middle of june.. then i'll be alone from mid june to july 6th.. that's when i have to move out... head to manchester... till my sister comes on the 12th and parents on the 18th! Whoopiee!

Okayy... i think thats all for now have to concentrate back on my studying.

Take Care

Love Sabrina. xxx

Im just like the woman....

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Gothic Whitby

Few weekends ago i went to Whitby with Pinky.. it was a good town to visit.. loads of places to see in just a day you can cover them all.. while of course having the World's Best Fish&Chips (Magpie's) and enjoying the toffee, chocolate and fudge. While visiting the north Yorkshire coast.... we got to see Whitby town, hole of Harlem, and Goathland (where harry potter Hogsmeade station was filmed in the first potter film).

The only sucky part was that it was bad weather.. other than that it was Great!

Lets give you a bit more information about Whitby then.. taken from Wikipedia of course. haha.

is a historic town in North Yorkshire on the north-east coast of England. Nowadays it is a fishing port and tourist destination.
Saxon Whitby

In about 657, Oswiu or Oswy, the Christian king of Northumbria, fulfilled a vow by founding a monastery there.

Late Medieval and Tudor period

According to Langdale's Yorkshire Dictionary (1822) and Baine's Directory of the County of York (1823), even up to the reign of Elizabeth I Whitby was little more than a small fishing port. In 1540, it had consisted of only around twenty to thirty houses and had a population of about two hundred inhabitants. In that year Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries, including Whitby Abbey.

Errr... there is more.. just go to and type in Whitby and you'll get all this. haha.

Anyway.. moving on to the pictures we took there were TONS! here are a few.

Abbey Whitby The docks.

Me and The abbey Pinky and me


Me and Pinky

Me and the hole of harlem.Me and Goathland (where they filmed Harry Potter)

That's it for now... take care all..

Sunday, 4 May 2008

We Don't Need No Education

Here's an update on the School Night Party.

Point form explanation
  • It was a fun party.. most people were dressed like school kids and most people just wore normal clothes.
  • Pinky's drink was not nice... hahaha.. it really tasted bad....
  • Was fun after awhile of not being out of Kirkstall to party...
  • Wasn't as packed as the 3 Ash View before..
  • Overall... good and fun party with wonderful mates.
Thats it about the explanation.... I'm done with all my assignments now... woppee! just got an exam on the 16th and im done with my education! haha.. sounds cool.. but im sooo sad.. coz wont get to have as much fun as i have been having. =( ah well.. its a process of life that i have to take on..

Anyway... enjoy the pictures!

Getting ready

Pinky and I

Soooo hardworking..

Pinky Leong.. what are you reading?

Maite- Cristina-Pinky-Natalia

Cristina and IMe - Cris- Maite

Pinky and I again

Maite and I

That was the face i pulled after i had a mouth of pinky's drink..

They were offering me more... me saying no...Cris Me and Maite

School girl..
Align Centre
Maite Me Cristina Pinky Cristina Cristina (yess... THREE cristina's in this picture)

I always end up getting kissed by someone.. hahaPinky, Jim, Me and Michael

Our professor.. Charlie

Pablo caught us in the act (this was not asked to do.. he seriously just caught us like that... thats why its soooooo funny)

Cristina's pose.. me and pinky follow.

Sabrina Pinky MaiteMichael, Cristina, Bjoern and Me.

Cristina, Josito, Jim, Me, and pinky.


group pic...

Josito got wasted... haha
Kay.. thats it for now.. stay tuned..