Thursday, 24 May 2012

Dinner at, Dessert at The Bee

Recently this joint has been receiving great reviews from all over the place.

Apart from the slow service, this place makes up for the great food the serve.

We had a department dinner scheduled for a bonding session over the weekend. And I suggested we head to this place. Unfortunately, the restaurant doesn't allow us to pre-book tables so we went there.. and you guessed it. it was packed. Good thing there was a space (like a small little room) where two tables were available.

Overall the food was great and I would definitely make a trip back there once again.

Enjoy the piccas.


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A must go this month!!

So i've been hearing great reviews of this place called 'Fat Boy's' at Publika and i've decided it's a MUST go this month. 

Let me look through my friends list and see who would be so willing to go with me!

Just reading blog reviews made my mouth saliva... imagine what the pictures made me do... on a morning like this without anything in my tummy. =( 

So yeah! a must go this month! Fat Boy's @ Publika 

Their Basterd Burger. LOL. The name is just intriguing me to goooo.. 

Who wants to come along?? =) 

Friday, 4 May 2012

Hong Kong 2012

So the company sent me off to Hong Kong for a CASE Conference in March. The conference really gave me more insights on how to start off next year with some really interesting ideas and hopefully eventually ending with some awesome outcomes. I went with both my bosses and we did manage to sneak in some down time as well. I was extremely tired when I got back. I had 7am-12am days over in Hong Kong. with the minimum sleep of 6 hours each day. 

There was some interesting places that I hadn't been to the last time I was in Hong Kong, so i took the opportunity to go this time round. Do enjoy the pictures. Sorry there's all jumbled up. ;) 

I love this picture.