Monday, 29 November 2010

Busy ass Monday.

Gosh, was i like away for a week?!

The amount of work today.. is just unbelievable! Wonders how i will be like when i get back on 3 Jan next year after 2 weeks holiday....

Surprisingly there ain't no Monday Blues today... Which is really GREAT! Let's hope it last for the whole week.

Have a great Monday peeps...


Saturday, 27 November 2010

Around the world in a night...

So here's my Victorian Era debut...

Event: Taylor's Annual Dinner - themed 'Around the World'
Venue: PICC
Time: 5pm-11pm
Date: Friday, 19th November 2010

Can't live without it..

Anybody gonna give me a call? I'm waiting... =)

I love this picture.. Sadly.. they will be leaving Taylor's soon.. =(
Definitely will keep calling you dear.. =)
The colleagues.. =)

Dreaming about ? Bollywood coconut trees?

Had an awesome weekend.. apart from the fact that i was working on Saturday night until 11.30pm...

I got my rest and relaxation today.. and am all geared up from the week! Happy Monday peeps.. try not to feel blue..

nitez. xoxo

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Tofu Mania!!

I've always loved tofu... but not to this extent(some of you will know what i mean)... So i am trying to find some inspiring recipes...

First up from
Pan Fried Tofu, Korean tofu 101 A simple way to enjoy healthy, easy, and flavorful tofu dish.

Looks yummay ey? What about the classic steamed tofu..

Recipe from

Please forgive me should I not be updating for a few days... Will come back soon.


Scissor Runner

She runs with scissors
She delivers
All my mail
Right under my door

You're sincerely
Lost completely

She ain't a princess
But she's an artist
Painting a portrait
All over my heart

Colors bleeding
So deceiving

No I won't change another thing
I cracked the bell I tried to ring

A scissor runner stole my heart

I was on standby
Catching the red eye
I missed my flight
She didn't mind

I'll forgive you
If I outlive you

No I won't change another thing
I cracked the bell I tried to ring

A scissor runner stole my heart
A scissor runner stole my heart
A scissor runner stole my heart

Uptown, downtown, all around the swingset
You say what you want I don't ever lose bets
Find me laying low in the San Fernando
You ask me well I say I don't know

Monday, 22 November 2010

Take me there now... =)



Tumble under the heavy sky... the weight on my shoulders increased today. sheesh. that's why i despise Mondays!

Have a great Monday peeps!


Saturday, 20 November 2010


At this hour. I'm craving for dim sum! mayb for brunch tomorrow with the girls? hmmm..

Came across this while surfing through foodgawker..Isn't it like totally cool??? Dim Sum on Wheels in America!


Preview... Taylor's Annual Dinner

Just a little preview.... will upload soon. =)

It was a great night apart from the fact that i didn't win any of the AWESOME prizes up for grabs. ish.... Would have been great!

Stay tuned for my Victorian Era debut.

Happy Weekend all. xoxo

Friday, 19 November 2010

I Heart this....


S to the T to the Y to the L to the O

Wei invited us to attend a Stylo event at BV2 last week and we took the opt to have banana leaf rice @ nirvana's and some tutti fruitti (one of the most expensive ice-cream i've ever had (not converting currency)) It's... worth it though. =)

Tomorrow is Taylor's Annual Company Dinner and we are allowed to leave the office at Lunch time to get ready for the 'around the world' theme.. There's a lot of lucky draw prizes up for grabs too!

Let's hope I win something ey? Have a great Friday and weekend ahead peeps! xoxo

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Deepavali Weekend... Cake and Booze..

So that was my Deepavali weekend.. hope you guys had a amazing time as well.

Happy Mid Week.. It's back to work tomorrow for another 1 and a half days.. then i'm done for the week!