Saturday, 29 September 2007

England. . .

The amount of tags i'm getting on the blog is making me want to stop blogging.... where are you ppl?? =( sniff sniff... anyway... ill just update again as i'm bored in my room... left Malaysia on the 12th of september to come to england... and i think i brought the rain with me here.. lol
Anyway... me babes where there at the airport to send me off.. as well as my bro and dad. here are some pics of my babez...

AHAHA Amanda was there too for her friend's farewell!

So i was bumming in Manchester for the first 5 days and then i went to leeds where i'm staying and studying for nine months... so here are some pics of the ppl i have met along with the events that i've been too.. it's another long post soooooo be patient and read ya!

Me and Junie at orientation...
again... and my mum!! second day of orientation... campus tour with junie, alice and me.. lolInternational freshers party! This is me and NatalieGroup Pic! Babara and meJunie again with meGroup pic... a big mess!Natalie, Sisi and me Me , Maria and NatalieSisi, me, junie and babaragroup pic!Moe, Me, Mods (norweigien dudes) Then some of us went to club in the city on tues.. we wanted to get into Tiger tiger but it was soooo full so we went to varsity instead... here are the pics!
Me and DianMe and JunieMe , Junie and Dian (drinks were for ONE Pound that night!)

Clemens and me...

Then we had a intro session at the SUBAR.. it was club music and all lar.

You know who are these faces. lol Hahahaha me and Aydin (he's turkish)Me... not posing..

OKAY! that's it for now! until nxt time keep tuned...

LOVE all of ya for reading this. pls tagggg so that i know there are readers!

Friday, 28 September 2007

Random pics...

Hey ya'll... i just wanted to update my blog for you guys... it's really a picture update today rather than a writing in sort of post. just to let you all know.. i'm doing alright no need to worry about me... take care peeps! talk to you soon!

First part of the pics are from when i went to Redbox with my colleagues from the bakery....
Wan Che Che and Me
Me and Joey

Me and Sam Me and Nick

Ah May and Me

Hew and Me

It was a really really fun night... hopefully when i get back to Malaysia we can do it again! =)

Then i went over to college to meet up with my mates and stephy and i went for lunch.... she gave me this heart necklace... soooo sweet of her... i'm missing you babe!

Me with the necklace stephy gave!
Me and Stephy in my car doing what we do best.. cam whore. . =D

Mwah! STEPHY... missing you...

Then it was steamboat that night and i straightened my hair on that day as well..

Yours truly with straightened hair... which aint straight no more..

STEAMBOAT.... how i'm missing you soooooooooooooo much........ =(

Steph, becky and Me.... in wei's Unser...

Then i had a farewell at the Apartment, The Curve with college mates!

This is Evon and me....

Natty and me

ME and Leon

ME and Rehka

Me and Jade

Me and Vonnie again!

Nat and Me

The balloon's that i got! =) thanks vonie!

Okay that's it for now! i just experienced my first laundry session in the UK... you know... the ones where you have to put coins into the machine?? lol Good FUN!

Till next time.... stay tuned...

Monday, 24 September 2007

Perhentian perhentian..... *My Paradise*

Updating this blog from England peeps... Just want to post a shoutout to all my mates back in Malaysia *you know who you are* i miss and love you guys soooooooo much..

Anywho.. moving on... perhentian post.. loads of pics to post up..

It was a great trip with wei and fion, and i wish that when i get back to Malaysia there will be another one.

So here are the pics...

The beautiful view frm perhentian island
Tuna Bay Resort!

Scenaries of PAradise *well my paradise*

The water was this CLEAR!!On the BusOn the BoatCamwhore momentsCamwhore moments number 2camwhore moments number 3

and again.... number 4One pair of feet is missing.... which is becky's.... should have been like the one in Penang. Camwhore number 5camwhore number 6 camwhore number 7 i was soaking up the SUN! Ahehehehehehhe number 8lonely..... i'm soooo lonely......aheheehhee you see the redness on my skin... it hurt like shit. lol fishes in the sea! view from the boat on the way for snorkling.. in the middle of the ocean.

Well i hope you enjoyed these pictures..... They were all taken by the wonderful wei wei.. i took some too.. but it was her CAMERA! lol.. Anyway... gotta go now... stay tune for more updates...

Bye and take care everyone!