Saturday, 28 July 2007

tired as hell..

I'm totally tired as hell from last night's hanging out session at my place with the usual peeps.. wei, becky and fion. The alarm rang at 6am today and i turned it off and went back to sleep.

Then realizing that i was suppose to go to work by 7 i suddenly sat up straight and looked at my clock. Shyte.. it was already 6.56am.. thank God my clock is set 5 mins earlier and that i was driving to work today.

Got up did my usual shit and headed out the door! got to work and it was pretty good as the ppl there had already pre packed some of the bread that was wanted in puchong that day. (thanks guys)..

Now i'm just relaxing at home waiting for the time to come when i have to get ready for tonights biggest event ever! lol... not really... just being a drama queen as usual.....

Precisely Twenty-One years ago today... Lim Wei Wei was born into this world. I've known ah wei for erm... 2 and a half years? lol.. trust me those 2 and a half years has been filled with fun, laughter, excitement and bitching sessions! hehehe.

She's one of the closest friends i have from my college days.. she's the greatest listener, the best to be around to laugh at sor hai ness, the best to bully, the one along with becky that taught me my Cantonese words (which they still laugh at me when i say it), the nicest person in the world at all times even when she doesn't need to be nice =p, my big sis that helps me keep calm at situations when i get emotional, my group member that helps me like hell and my friend that stays up with me when assignments are due the next morning! There are loads more of good things about this wonderful girl here but if i was to write them all it would probably never end.

Anywho! just wanted to wish my beloved dear a very HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY and may all your dreams come true!


So.... we'll be heading over to atrium for dinner before going over to poppy's to party! and get wei drunk as hell! =) i love you. haha.

Anyways... i'm finishing my post here and i really do home i enjoy my night tonight! okay then... off i go!

Thursday, 26 July 2007

i'm lovin the song entitled 'everything' by michael buble!!

I'm hooked on to his song!!! plus he's hot! haha...

Always have been a jazzy type of song person me... just haven't really shown it.

Anywho.. the randomness part three update will have to continue in my next post as i'm posting for my desktop and not my notebook *which contains all the pics*....

I went to subang today to finish off my application to leeds and everything seems like its going into plan.... just need to get the contract and sign and i'll be all set. Picked up steph and we headed to pizza hut for lunch... wish was on her! thanks steph! *just kidding* i'll pay you back on the 31st... no money now.

So pics from today!

have fun...


Cheezie dips?

LOL yum yum


Yum yum

collage of us both

I would like to thank stephy for taking the pics and making me pose like a fool infront of the pizza hut staff.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Randomness.... Part 2

hahahhaa.... it's been a week since i've blog.. just because of work haihz. anyways... i'm continueing my randomness post.. so here are more pics of the night at Bond.

me and jolene

Blogger is being a B**** won't let me load any of my pictures..

Anyway... i've got my unconditional offer letter and confirmation of my accomodation at leeds already.. shit peeps it's really happening.. in less than two months i'll be on the other side of the world.... freezing. lol can't wait!

Okay then it's late.. tomorrow it's the 7.30am shift.. =/ take care. and i'll probably blog tomorrow night. byeeee.

Friday, 13 July 2007

Randomness.... Part 1

Here are some photo's of events and places me and my friends went and organized... ENJOY!

First half is Bond pics.

The venue.

Me and Winnie

Me and Wei *she was busy that night. so i only had this pic with her. what a waste.*

Me and Nat

Me and Becky

Grace and I

Me and Vonie

Me, Ben and Suet Ee

I think i'll continue later on... too many pics to post, so this is the first half.

Till the next half. Enjoy the weekend peeps!


OMG!! i'm soooo excited to watch it!!! ARRGGHHH... 11 hours and counting.. =) hehehe.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Maison and upcoming potter movie!

Went to Maison last week and i think two weeks before that.. lol anyway.. here are some pics as some people want me to post up.. *view the tag board and you'll know who la.*
Here are some pictures.

Me and Becky the two weeks ago at Maison....
Wei and me *last weeks visit to Maison*
Me and Becky....
Becky and Wei..
Wei and me again..

Fion, Becky and Wei

Fion and Wei *sorry wei for i had to put this pic up because you didn't have any other pics with Fion that was serious! =P*

Me after a long night of clubbing...

Yay!! Harry Potter is premiering in another ONE DAY!! yay! lol... I can't bloody wait for the movie and the final book to come out. And of course Tom Felton's Hotness!! haha. Here's a pic of this HOTTIE!

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Working as a cashier in a bakery is damn... tiring.

Hey all.. as you see from the title that i am working in a bakery now. The bakery is call bread valley... and it's located about ten minutes away from my house. So I've been walking there and occasionally either my bro, sis, mum or dad takes me there. lol. it's varies according to the time.
There is in total 3 different shifts for a FULL- TIME worker which are, 7.30am to 4.30pm, 10am to 7pm and 1.30pm to 10.30pm.. My favourite of all is 10am to 7pm it's just nice for me. Not waking up too early in the morning and not going back to late in the evening and in each shift there is an hour break! lol.

Ok enough of all this blabber for my job. Moving on to the post I've been promising to write for sooooo long... Greg's farewell party for my sis and bro in law.

It was held on the night before my flight back to Malaysia. It was like a buffet sort of thing and Greg, Laura and James (all of my sister's mates) prepared it all for us. It was an absolutely fun night of Drinks, Food, Greg's back yard, and a HUGE WARM FIRE TO KEEP US WARM? lol. And because it was raining on my sisters wedding night... we had the chance to use you know those big lanterns that you lit up and it floats away up into the sky.. (during Chinese New Year we use it to write our wishes on it and everything) I'll post up the pics in a bit.

Overall it was a GREAT night. I was really happy and was glad that Greg held it before me and the rest of the family headed home.
Here are some pics of the night....

Brother in law.. lol

Group picture... our host was Greg the one with blond hair. lol

This was the lantern thingy i was talking about.. it's illegal in Malaysia right?

All lit up.. as you can see i wasn't there. i was taking the pic.. lol

Ready to let go soon......

And then..... SHIT!! stupid win suddenly comes and their all struggling. while i was giggling. lol...


Laura, Sis, Greg.

Sis and Greg.

Newly Weds.

Me and champagne and you see that fire there.. it's actually very nice and i took a photo of it but i can't seem to find it in my file sooo no nice photo of fire to show!

Ok folks that's all for now.. gotta get up early for work tomorrow!! haihz.. life.

Hope you enjoyed this entry until the next take care and have FUN! ...