Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Merry Christmas.

This time last year i was in Manchester with my Nana...

This time... this year... im in kl...
Here's wishing all of you a Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Take care. And Happy HolidayS!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

lovely hectic day.

December 10, 2008 - 12.28am - Wednesday

211108 was a lovely hectic day for me.. I had to go to some of the cafe's where LTJ's are distributed and take pictures of where they are placed. Thus, knowing that i haven't seen Justina for quite some time.. i invited her to join me for lunch after i became the photographer in the morning. We headed for paddington pancakes and it was delicious.

More over when we were heading towards the Curve, Siew Hui texted me and ask whether i was going to Keat's 21st party later on... and i was like 'shit' i forgot about that. So i told her yes i will be going but i'll be late as i'll be coming from the Curve on a saturday evening *plus it was raining!*... you can imagine the jam.

So i ended up at Keat's place for a reunion you might say as i hadn't seen me highschool mates for almost a year now... it was a great meet up and we should do it more often. Next time i'll be seeing them will be on MY 21st birthday! Whoop!

After that... i headed over to Euphoria with the colleagues... i had tons of fun... danced my brains out. lol... it was mostly headbanging, stepping, shufling type of music. so you can imagine. Got back at like 4am..... I was utterly tired + i had to get up like at 10am the next morning for the British Women's Xmas Bazaar.

Well that was a really hectic weekend... but none the less very enjoyable.

Here are some pictures for your entertainment... enjoy.
Says it all

Ice Lemon Tea

Me and Justina

Justina's meal. some chicken with tomato paste and pancakes.

My meal.

Elaine and Poh Len

Elaine and Me

Grp picture - siew hui, sabrina, poh len, jit liang, keat, elaine

Elaine- Sabrina-Poh Len- Jit Liang - Jun Hong

Me and Jessica

Sook Mun and me

IYee, Me, Jessica, Sook Mun

That's it folks. xx

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Taiwanese Lunch

Tuesday 021208 - 27 days to turn 21.. 12.02am.
The other day we went to eat at a taiwanese restuarant. it wasnt that bad. pretty good actually. I had the seafood noodles.. it was good and very filling.. will go there again one day. I've been reall busy at work these couple of weeks thanks to the demanding wants of clients... in need of a long holiday just to spend time with my family and friends. i miss them all so so much. Well this coming is a long weekend. so i cant wait to spend it with my family. its times like this when you realise... they are all you have.. cheerish them and dont look back!

Ok.. ya di ya de. im really tired now so i cant go on... this week and probably next week is going to be soooo busy its unbelievable. i hope i finish my work on time and produce good quality work. i hope and pray. lol

I'm so entirely stressed that i dont even know what im going to do for my birthday.. please someone help me!
right below are some pictures of the lunch we had the other day.

Lazy to type the description. sorry. lol. okay. im off to bed. goodnight!
take care all. till the next post keep safe!

Saturday, 8 November 2008

visit from my friend.

Saturday, 8th November 2008. -6.10pm-

About two weeks ago.. Nick came down to KL to visit. We met up went for drinks and stuff. lol It was fun meeting up and chatting about. but we didn't spend too much time together as we both had stuff to do and he was preoccupied with his mates as well. No worries I'm sure there will be other opportunities for us to meet again. Meet Kevin as well during one of the events.

So this weekend... I'm just gonna stay at home as i need to take a break, a rest from my life of going out drinking, spending and shit. I'm really getting tired for no apparent reason and just need to have some time to myself just to chill watch a DVD and listen to music. Its sad ya know.. going out all the time and not having any time to myself to think, pamper and relax.... Don't get me wrong i love going out with my mates and having a great night out. just.. a person needs sometime to herself too! My brother was like 'eh.. why you at home?' haha.. really sad eh? I've been so busy out all the time that I've not been seen at home lately.... Thus my agenda this weekend is to stay at home. plus clean my room, it's utterly disgusting. like a bomb hit my room.

Work has been alright. but for the past two days I've been working late.. till about 9pm.. The reason for this? is because we have this new intern in the office which is absolutely rubbish. i mean as a person she's great very sociable.. but once it comes to work she's utterly useless. i mean simple admin work, she can't even do.. it really makes me upset and disappointed, here i was treating her nicely and not treating her like other interns in the industry, and she lets me down for not completing her work. I am not upset to see her go (if she doesn't come back on Monday) I'm just disappointed that she didn't even try and show enthusiasm... ahh well that's just some people for you eh?

Last night my colleagues had a house party.. haha. i had two tequila pop's and already was out of it. coz.... i was already having a headache to begin with anddd.. i was DEAD tired.. really. i was so tired it was unbelievable. oh yea.. had a tequila sunrise as well... the tequila was really strong..

I really should stop drinking every weekend. it ain't good. for the body, mind and soul... Its also been a good week as I've had the chance to talk to my bibi!! sigh.. its been awhile.. but glad to know that you'll be alright bibi! just listen to what i said and you'll be fine.. i love you no matter what happens... Still missing you though.. we should talk more often bibi! at least once or twice a week ya?

right. I'm gonna go back to my relaxing weekend break. lol. i need for a holiday, a getaway.. Singapore perhaps? lol


Sunday, 2 November 2008

been a month. been 4 months.

Just got back from having dinner with my mates at this place at changkat bukit bintang - 'Bermuda and Onion' - an Italian restaurant- reminds me of Alessandra how i miss her. I would say that the place ain't that bad... if you wanna treat yourselves and have a lil quite time with a love one or a bunch of friends.. its a great place for all occasions. and friendly ppl as well!

There'll be some pictures up soonish. Just a lil more writing for now.

Been a month... that i've started work.. and i have to admit like everyone has told me before... once you start working you wish you was still a student.. and yes people that is how i feel right now. i wanna go back to those days where i can sleep in and not care of what i have to do today, i wanna go back to those times i had with my mates going to the cinema, hanging out in the living room, watching telly. all that. all gone. lol. sigh. that's life aint it?

I procrastinate on the ultimate question of... 'do you work for something you like or do you work for the money?'.

If you work.. and get both things that's really great. and if you work just to get money to live the life you want then.. well done to you as well. and if you work for something you like and not get that much money again kudos to you!.. for me? I still am on the quest of looking for the right answer to my life. my career. along with my identity. my purpose. my goal. my achievements and my life.

Am i the same person as before or have i changed for worst or the better? Still undecided... undetermined.. and the only people who can determine the answer for that is a person that is truly truthful to me and knows me.

Its been 4 months that you've been out of my life... 4 months of guessing whether you think of me and 4 months of keeping you in my mind. now... i know you think of me... i know you keep me in your mind and i cant wait to see you again.. soon i hope. missing those days we had and the times you felt weird. I think that you are truly nice and every person you meet, you touch with your gratitude and unique funkiness! I'm missing you.

Getting ready..

creme brulee

Strawberry and something..lol

Chocolate, cream, strawberry, coconut sorbet. the choc cake just melts and oozes out chocolate!


All together now.
Right gonna start my second month of work... hope its a good month.. wishing all my mates a happy November.. 8 weeks to Christmas and 9 weeks to being legal.


Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

You are the reason.

Tuesday-21st October 2008

The love i have is not describable...
You are the reason i am here today.
You are the reason i am who i am.
You are the reason i am happy.
You are the reason i am lucky from others.
You are my mum. MINE and forever will be..
The love i have is not describable...
There are three words i would like to say to you today and everyday. 'I Love You'..
Have a great birthday mum! you deserve a break now.
Happy Birthday.


Friday, 17 October 2008

kau adalah hidupku..

Oct17th 2008

sempurna - perfect.

Kau begitu sempurna
Dimataku kau begitu indah
Kau membuat diriku akan slalu memujimu

Disetiap langkahku
Kukan slalu memikirkan dirimu
Tak bisa kubayangkan hidupku tanpa cintamu

Janganlah kau tinggalkan diriku
Takkan mampu menghadapi semua
Hanya bersamamu ku akan bisa

Kau adalah darahku
Kau adalah jantungku
Kau adalah hidupku
Lengkapi diriku
Oh sayangku, kau begitu
Sempurna... Sempurna...

LOVE IT... go listen to it on youtube now! title is SEMPURNA! if you translate it into english... you'll get what i mean. haha.

rite. not in the mood to update really. i've been at work a week now. and its...... HARD lot of work to do. i've written like... 3 news releases now... in a week. and the intern just left today. so .. im doomed. as everything else is pushed to me. no worries. its apart of life have to get through it and better at it. haha. okay. enough said about work.

life is on the low down as work is in the play now. however i do hope i do not become like a person who put him/herself into work only. i think that is sucky. but i may have to do it for some time in the beginning...as im new. maybe.. it will get better. i'll let you know about that. *does it really get any better?*

have a really irritated nose now... no idea why tho. i wanna sleep now anyway..... so im signing offfff...


Sunday, 12 October 2008

Foo Clan Association 68th Anniversary

October 12, 2008 Sunday..

October 5, 2008 was the Foo Clan Association 68th Anniversary dinner at Tian How Gong.. It was a good experience as i got to experience the Chinese Culture which represents half of my background. I was thrilled to go and see my uncle as well whom i haven't seen since Chinese New Year 2007.. Overall it was a great night, i was highly entertained by the dancing, singing and speeches. (which were all in Mandarin, so there was some part of it that i didnt understand). Went with pa, kor, yee, beh deh, ben nian, ah boh and met lak deh there.

Been hell busy these couple of days that i just dont have time for myself.. im starting work tomorrow.. yeah.. im working now. it feels strange that i will not be studying anymore. unless i decide to do a masters. which i highly doubt i would.

Also feeling that i need a change in my lifestyle as i find it boring... again its all got to do with im living with my family rather than with friends. Its just weird coz i do have the freedom but i use it less? lol maybe im just a loner with no friends to hang out with.

Anyway. enough said. here's some pictures from the dinner.

Yee and Jo

Sabrina and Yee

Son, Daughter, Father (look alikes?)

Happy Birthday Foo's

Yeeee.... did you blow the candle?
2nd man from the left first row my uncle (Vice President of the Foo Clan)

Okayz... i need to clean my room now. its in a utter mess!

Friday, 3 October 2008

Blogging from Coffee Bean...

Last weekend me and the girls attended the Hennessey Artistry Event @ Orange Club.. it was great.. had free flow of Hennessey drinks it was the bomb. ahaha the music was great too.... unfortunately we were confused on whether to leave to Velvet or stayyy... and it was back and forward back and forward till i said lets just go la! then we went... and it was too late for Velvet so we decided to join our mate at Poppy's..

Soooo.. after being here for a month. i finally went to the poppy's i've been talking to everybody about in Leeds. And i must say its a VERY VERY drastic change to what it use to be! Its bigger...... which means MORE people can get in.. and it was already sooo packed in the day. imagine now..... there were tooo many ppl i have to say.. and with soooo many ppl and this weather.... it was just one word... 'uncomfortable'.. have they never heard of 'a cut off limit'? money minded ppl... gosh.

Anyway...... even though it was packed... hot... like we were in a sardine can we still manage to have fun.. and Fion was pissed as hell!

As you can see from the title above. im blogging from Coffee Bean (Genting Highlands) Its a great service to have with the nice hot chocolate im having at the moment...

Moving on.. heres a few pictures of last saturday!

Blogger is being a 'bitch' wont let me load... so just check the pictures out on Facebook and Friendster. lol

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead and hope you all had fun over the Raya break.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

job hunt continues.

Raya is coming... Just want to wish all Malays a very 'Selamat Hari Raya'.. to those who are driving back to your hometown... DRIVE SAFE YAH! These days loads of accidents are happening.. just be on the safe side please.

To MY Malay friends (you know who you are) a very Selamat HAri Raya! where's my duit raya? =) i need it you know.... im totally broke at the moment. =D haha.

So.... i've been working at the Kindergarten and it seems to be alright. just some of the kids there are kinda misbehaving around me coz they know they can bully me. anyway... they soon will not be! =D hehehehe... being a teacher is hard work kay.. you need sooo much patience... its unbelievable. Anyway. my company (bro, mother and dad) wants to send me to the Welfare Course (Montessori) not just coz im working at the centre but that it would help me with my 'future' children... haha. I'll have to think about it. coz its every Saturday... until December... a bit the long rite? and i have to go for a practical for three days. So if i do ever get a job in the PR industry that would be a difficult situation. BUT! the plus point is that its in ENGLISH! thank God. lol.

So i'll have to see.... need to make the decision by tomorrow. as the first class is this saturday.. so sad... i have to say byebye to my saturday's.... but then again... with suffering comes advantages! We'll see!

Moving on.... as you can see from the title above... i didnt get the jobs from the two companys that i went for interviews with... so the job hunt continues! nevermind.. i wont give up! must strive for excellence! haha. in other words must try my best to get a job! so that i can earn $$$

Here's just a bit of pictures to lighten up this post. Hope you enjoy them..

Aliaa, Elia, Raina and Me went to the FISH SPA!! it was... i cant describe it!

Aliaa Straighten her hair!! soooo beautiful! we shall meet again once raya is over!

Me placing my feet into a tank full of fishes to eat my flesh! lol well not flesh but dead skin.


Chocolate molten brownie with vanilla ice cream ontop! yummilicious!

Me and Tina. with the chocolate molten brownie with vanilla on top.. *droolsss*me and tina without the chocolate molten brownie vanilla ice cream on top. lol

bathroom shot!

Tina and I

Just some of the events that occurred over the past two weeks....

OhYah! my bloody graduation pictures got lost in the post! so they had to send it again! i hope they arrive this time around!
*have faith and things will come true*

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Birthday wishes from a far part 2

Today's wish goes out to my housie pinky leong.... whose 15 hours flight away from meeee... =( Anyways!! i wanna wish my Biatch a very very very


Hope you have a blast sweetheart even though you're working this weekend im sure you will manage to.... dont get pissed aight?? =D

Know that you are always in my heart and i am thinking about you everyday!

Love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..................... te quiero guapa!