Wednesday, 26 August 2009

mid year hairstyle change?

I've been contemplating over the pass few days on whether i want to cut my hair. Reasons: Its a mess now, its getting irritating to style, feel like getting a short but chic haircut.

I think i'll go for a haircut... at the same place i got it done before the last. The last haircut was done in KLCC with my mum. They didn't really do a great job but i learned to work it. haha. This time around i think i dont want much chopped off. just slightly above the neck and shaped nicely. Will keep you posted if i do get to do it. haha. I may get it coloured too. =) *thinks deeply on the price this is gonna make in my pocket*

4 weeks till i get to see my niece! wopppeee! which reminds me i still haven't found a place to go holiday with sis and niece. Damn. haha. Im thinking of going to either cherating/langkawi/penang? coz tioman, redang, perhentian and lang tengah are closed in october for the monsoon season. DAMN it..

Definately will be making a trip down to singapore i believe/hope. hehe.

I'll be going to watch Orphan and Tropicana City tomorrow night. Hope its gonna be a good movie. hehe. Also, im thinking on whether the head up the hill for the long weekend coming up due to merdeka celebrations. I wonder... will Malaysian be wearing 'masks' to protect themselves from AH1N1? *wonders*

Was out for dinner and chill out session with Charmaine and Jess. Mille couldn't make it =(

Tonight's weather has been.... wet.

Alright. Time to sign off. Happy Merdeka to ALL! ONE MALAYSIA!

Monday, 24 August 2009


Somehow i feel that today has gone by real slowly. weird.

'Breakups are supposed to be just that. Breaks. Hard, clean breaks. No talking, no seeing, no touching... keep your hands to yourself. The relationship is over.'


A new found buddy! Stephanie Mill!! =)

Thursday, 20 August 2009

It is getting serious

The AH1N1 virus is getting very serious... I urge all that are unwell to stay at home and get better. Doing so will unsure not getting other people infected with the virus. So please take good care of yourselves and keep hydrated.

Sometimes I really wish Malaysia has four season like most countries. Due the fact that we don't, we're unable to dress up according to seasons! damn it. lol Im really missing the days in England when i was wearing my boots, coats and hats. Nvm it's ok.. i will do it when it comes to next year April..

Look at the lovely fashion!!! gosh....

Anyways. this is just a short update as i felt like typing.. haha Enjoy your weekends peeps! and happy fasting to all my muslim friends!

Take care peeps! xxxx

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Falling for you.

Currently listening to 'falling for you' by Colbie Cailiat - love it. you guys should check the song out. Was out at Waikiki Bar last night, it was okay. the music was quite good actually but the crowd not so much my type.

Been long since i last updated the blog... I think only when i feel like typing something i will update it. If i don't feel like it. I think the blog post won't be as interesting. Just recalling back to my last post that im going on holiday to the beach, i was wrong they didn't have any rooms. Well i guess the next chance to go is when my sis is back. Wopeee. I'll be checking out the destination and hotel rooms today. Speaking of which... i need to hurry up and book my flight to England.

Right so im now off to get some lunch.. Im starving.
Till my next update, take care everyone!

Just for memory purposes - the other night i went to One U for G.I Joe and went to 'new york new york deli' soooo scrumpcious! I also tried out the Hoegaaden German White Beer. Have a look at the picx.

I absolutely loved their Menu.. Very sophisticated and chic.

My Pink Inc. DrinkLovely sunshine for Nick

Beefeater sandwich for yours truly

Chicken chop for Nick

The huge pint of German Beer

Sunday, 2 August 2009

August has arrived.

Currently listening to the song 'how do you sleep' by Jesse McCartney.

Amazingly how time flies pass. This time last year i was well excited to be back in Malaysia to see my family and friends. This time now... I wish i was back in England enjoying the moments once again with my friends back there. Well we can't have everything rite? or can we?

I look back on those days when i was back in Leeds. I look and i see a different me. Over the pass year i have tremendously changed. I have experienced heartbreak, arguments, heart sick, likes, dislikes, true friendships, friendships, false friendships, happiness, loneliness and gained a lot of knowledge, friends and maturity. I see a new me now... a me i like. =)

I'm really getting to the working life now... I manage to balance my time well and don't feel tired all the time. I have learn how to have a life with work in it. Obviously i have my ups and downs... everyone does. No one is bubbly all the time.

It's time for me to start saving now... I'm traveling to the UK in April 2010... gotta get the dosh to spend. =)
sooo chic - I like. =)
Paradise here i come! Whoop!
I hope i get the chance to complete my task tomorrow... I wish to start of the week with all my outfits in order.. and the non existence of waking up in the morning having to think of what to throw on.

Au Revior xxx