Thursday, 17 July 2008

missed out a update.

I missed out a update of event that happened before the final house party which was Maite's Birthday!!! She was 21 and drunk hahaha. here are the pictures!

Me and Birthday Girl.


Me and Eduuuuuuuuu

Very happy birthday girl.Eduuuuu

Mwah! Pablo.

Hahahahahhaha it was sooo funny i had to post it up

Me and Jositooo it was cold btw.

Drunk Birthday girl
Josito said he looks good in the picture. haha

Me and *drunk* birthday girl

maite me and aydin

Overall it was a great night. loved it! =)

I graduate in 6 days!! omg.... im gonna be a graduate! Parents are arriving tomorrow! i'll see them on sunday! as im in Birmingham with my sis now.

Okey dookey thats it!
Love, Sabrina

Final house party for us.

Sorry for the lack of updates just been busy with packing and working for the Uni two weeks ago and then i was in Manchester with no internet (occasionally i will go online just to check email and be on MSN for a bit).

Anyway... now im in Birmingham with my sister...yup she has moved back here now, for good... so down here to spend some time with her before i head back to manchester to see my parents who arrive on friday! woooppeee!

Moving on.. here are some pictures of the last and final house party we had before everyone left kirkstall in june. do hope you enjoy them.

Cristina and me
Me and MaitePablo!

Alberto *Cristina's Boyfriend*Africa *Cristina's Best Friend*

Me and Cristina again..

Me and Josito.. really sweet guy..Me and Natalia...

Natalia me and Aydin

And that's it really. I will update again soon. so i'll catch you later!

Love, Sabrina

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Night out with the cousin.

So when my cousin (Alistaire) came down from Manchester for a night out - we decided to take him to mission and the Space. We went bar hopping as well in that area. overall it was a pretty interesting night for me.. was fun. and i had a good time really. so here are some pictures. im real sorry but im really tired to type anything up. haha. so enjoy.

Cousin and me



sabrina and aydin

alistaire again

Aydin and his signature pose?Hafiz.. dont know what he was doing =p

sabrina and hafiz

Thats about it. will update again soon. take care.

Love, Sabrina xxxx