Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Harrogate 15/03/08

Last night we celebrated Rain's birthday... we had steamboat!! well home-made steamboat! lol We rocked it. got everything ready in less than an hour! lol anyway it was good food and we had tons of fun laughing at... nothing in particular just laughing. =)
Anyway a very happy birthday to Rian again! nice meeting you and you are adorable! hehe. Errr. pictures of last night will be posted up in the next post. i've gotta stress for dissertation again... sigh... cant wait till its all over then i can enjoy! =) WOppeee!
Right moving on...
We went to harrogate for a day trip. What is in harrogate? well.. we went to harewood house.. its amazing. lol it huge and the view.. omg. errr.. in harrogate town itself not much to do.. but we had really nice thai food for lunch! tom yam soup ..... hmmmm.... nice.

Here are the pictures... Enjoy...
Pinky and Me on the way to harewood house. Switch sunnies?
Isabel and I as olden days maids.
Me and Maite.. my man! lol
In the Garden
Me, Isabel, Maite and Jerry Loo

the view of the garden.... beautiful doncha think?

Group picture...


Black and white.



=) innocent.

Mwahahha. evil!


Me. Maite. Isabel. Jerry loo.

Im hungry... can i eat you?

Flower Flower...... Orkidla! WAh.. soooo Clever..

Tomyam..... yummmzzzz...

Me and Maite.

The food has arrived.

i was thirsty..

kettle and hanger thingy

kak! i nak air.


With knowledge comes responsibility...

We will fight and die together.

Tired already? Harrogate Town
Harrogate Town
Pinky's Bum
Me and Maite.
Three Bums..
I like the design.

Okay.. thats it for this post. Till next time.. Stay Tuned.




Friday, 21 March 2008

Tiger Tiger, Halo, Oceana... Random nights.

Heyyy... from the title of this post you probably wondering where the hell are all those places? They are all clubs... and... yea... i went to them..
This was my life about two weeks ago.. Have a read.
4th - Elia's Birthday
7th - Tiger Tiger, International party.
9th - Dinner at Redchili and hanging out at Hi-Fi
10th - Movie... (Jumper)
11th - Halo (Playboy Bunny Party which nobody came to) LoL
12th - Oceana :-) i like...
15th - went to harrogate and watched 10,000 BC

Anyway... these couple of days i've been concerntrating on my dissertation.. there are parties.. but since everyone is back in their home country.... i dont think ill go out. just to the movies and to town i guess. I dont know... im just not into the party mood these days.. probably from the stress of the dissertation.

Ahh.. moving on... here are some pictures. enjoy!
Me before going to Cristina's place for drinking session before heading to tiger tiger. Pinky and Me..
Getting high... lol i got a kiss!! from nagore.. hahaha..
Err... pinky ask me to take this pic... lol im into boys!
Me and Maite.
Me and Katja

ERrrr.. we were both high.. lol... she hugged me soooo hard... lol


And again...

Kisses for you boys... LOL

Me and Pinky. haha

Love you Cris..

Before Halo. hehe.

At halo... err. there wasn't many people there.

Oceana... Nurul, Me and Junie. Picture time.
Maite doing her make up.. i was tempted to take a pic.
Me and Maite.
Im in the middle.. the guy is Simon and the Girl is Maite.

ERr there wasnt much pictures in oceana. coz i was pre occupied! hahaha.

Till the next post stay tuned!

Love Sabrina.