Friday, 29 June 2007

TGIF coz its time to PAARRTAY.....

Sorry for the lack of updates. Just been 'busy', nah I'm crapping you. I've been totally lazy and can't be arsed to update to the lack of boredness I've had these past couple of days.

There isn't much going on in my life now... just hanging out with mates and chilling that's about it. Bleh.. Well of course there is the part where i am looking for a job because I've got two freaking months to kill before i fly away and never come back again, only joking. hahaha * i know, lame*

I've actually got some pics of Greg's party now so i might post them up in the next entry. lol.

Went to college today to get my letter that basically says my final results and saying that I've completed my diploma education and that's been sent off to the Uni I'm applying for. So that's done with...

Gotta freaking fill in another deferment application form for stupid national service... jeezzz.. sooo troublesome la...

Elaine's Birthday is today... So.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELAINE! who's busy enjoying herself in Singapore. Hope you're having the time of your life there. Thus this Sunday a bunch of us from inai are going to Redbox, the Curve to celebrate her Belated Birthday with her. =)

And then.... TRANSFORMERS on Sunday night with bro, sis and bro in law! woppeee! hahaha

Sorry for this boring post ppl.. i just wanted to write something at this particular time... and for wei wei coz she needs her daily dosage of reading material... hehehe =P

Have fun during the weekend peeps! I'm sure i will! Byeeee...

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Not too bad these past two days...

Went to Maison last night with becky, fion and wei.. it was packed as hell!! lol i don't have the pics yet as becky is busy at work.. so when she's free she'll give them to me. Had to be back by 2am so.... had to leave early =(.

Tonight i hanged out with my mate that I've known for 19 years and 6 months (for real, this is how old i am too =D) she's back from Ireland and we're busy planning on how we are going to meet up over Xmas break when I'm in England.
Anyways..... here are some more pics that i took in England... Enjoy peeps.

Me in the car... on the way to somewhere.

A rainbow i saw in Birmingham on the way for a Chinese dinner.

A guard at the tower of London with me.

Buckingham Palace

Me and my Aunt in front of Buckingham

The guard changing positions at Buckingham Palace, we were quite lucky that day to see this and that the queen was there.

This is baby Kirstin.. Gemma's baby (my cousin's baby) with me.. she soooo tiny.. hehehe

HEHEHEHEHEHE SOOOOO CUTE... i miss this baby.

This is Grace..... Katie's baby (my cousin's baby) her face here is soooo cute.. it's like 'What you looking at??' ahahhaa cuteness!!

HAHA the baby's are soooo cute i tell you. I couldn't resist but entertain them the whole day!!

Okays till then... have a good night and byeeee

Thursday, 21 June 2007

More of the wedding.

Still bored at home.. need to find a job.. i wouldn't mind a job that doesn't require the brain.. anyone up for hiring me? lol
Anyway..... i've got the pics from my camera already.. so i'll be posting those up..

My sister's wedding was like this. Reception at 1pm, Lunch at 3-4pm then chill till the night session came then........ PARTY! lol.... Anyway.. here are some pics of me with my family members....

Bro being stupid, me and Kath (chief bridesmaid) =)

Me and Johnphillip

Me, my Aunt and Daddy...

Me ( I swear! i wasn't posing.... LOL )

Me and Alistair

From left to right (Johnmichael, Phillip, Lindsey, Lindsey's hubby, Alistair, my bro and Katie) All my cousins. =)

Uncle Steve and I (hehehehehe)

Uncle Steve, Me, Auntie Angela and Bro

Last Pic... Just me... Posing... lol

Okay folks.. that's about it... take care and i'll post up more of England tomorrow!


Wednesday, 20 June 2007


I called Taylor's today and they said that the Penang graduation thing in August is for DEGREE students. not DIPLOMA... our graduation is in September and they said the date has not been set yet.

So there you go.. no graduation for us till September.. and I'm going to be in England (how awful is that).

I'm still bored at home.... lazing at home ain't a good thing... as I've got no energy to do anything else.

Oh! I'll be taking my dad to the airport later... that's exciting enough for me! LOL.

Alright then. the next post up is gonna be more of my sister's wedding and the farewell party Greg gave for my sis and bro in law.
till then. take care peeps.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007


I'm totally bored to death... gosh i need a job and i need it quick or I'll die from this boredom!

Today we (dad, mum and I) sat down and decided on what date i should fly to England in Sept.. as my parents gave me the dates, the realization of me leaving the country in less than three months came into my mind... and i started to be unsure about whether or not i should go..

Then i thought of what are the positive things if i do.. and was happy.. and said to myself this is a phase in life Sabrina that you have to take. Once in a life time to live in another country and experience the cultures there. And that was it.. it got me through the thought of not to go or go?

Hmm.. another thing is that i heard that our SEM7 graduation will be held on the 16th of August in PENANG! lol.... holiday while graduating?? how exciting... hahaha... Well i have to confirm little bitty tiny details with the college tomorrow as i was just too lifeless and lazy today to call them...

Alright then matey's i'll catch up soon.. byeee
P.S does anyone know anyone that will give me a job for 2 months?

Monday, 18 June 2007

My Sister's Wedding.

On the day of the wedding...
The make-up artist also the hair person... came to the house at 7am!!! i was half awake and took a shower at 6.50 in the morning!! it was bloody cold..... anyways.. i was the first to get my hair and make up done... i got my eye-brows plucked, did make up, did up the hair and tada i was done... not yet with the dress and shoes though.
I had something to eat while the rest was getting theirs done as our lunch will only be around 4pm.. coz we had to have the ceromony which started at 1pm then pictures... being the bridesmaid is hard work you know... posing for soooo many pictures!! lol (i LOVED it.)

11am.. my sister looked absoulutely gorgeous.... =) we all got dressed up and then.. the limo came around 12.15.... YUP!! a LIMO! haha. those fancy long ones with a bar inside and everything.. (i know lar.. i jakun never been in a limo unlike all of my other friends)
okay... we got to the venue which looked like a castle.. i'm serious.. it was soooooo pretty and lovely, and warm, and........ etc etc... i was really loving it... but not the heels i was on.. hehehe.

Then............... my sis had her interview thingy.... then... we were gathered to line up pageboy and flowergirl first, followed by bridesmaids (that's us!!) and then father and the bride. =D
It was lovely lar.... the day was just beautiful (except for the rain) and the atmosphere was nice and everything... it was just such a beautiful wedding..... i'm actually getting watery eyes from writing this... lol..

I'll stop now and diplay the pics i have it's not all of them... but the important ppl.. hahaha. these are the photo's taken by the proffesional. mine are still in my mother's computer.. arrgghhh.. my bro promised he'll burn them into a cd for me tomorrow.
Ok.. lets begin..
Introducing... the Bride and Groom.. hehehe

The Foo and Cole Family...

Bride, Bridesmaids and Flower Girl...

The Groom with the girls...

Okay.. i'm gonna load these first there are plenty more to come but i'll resize them before posting.. so ENJOY these for the moment! byezzz..

Sunday, 17 June 2007

No National Service for me... =D

Woppeee.... no NATIONAL SERVICE!!! YAY!!


Friday, 15 June 2007

It's the weekend!!!

Hey peeps,

As i'm typing away updating this blog my sister and bro in law are on the way back from the airport! Yay! haha. my sis told my dad that it's friday right? pasar malam right? lol.... guess that's what you miss when you are on the other side of the world?? hehe. So i guess when they get back to the house we will be going there.

Anyway... it's the weekend peeps!!! im sure many of you have loads of plans this weekend for those people that i know. i know you'll be very happy it's the weekend as you are all working during the week! haha. give me a ring and lets hang? As for me... i'll probably be meeting up with my childhood (more like since i was born) friend over the weekend. She's been in Ireland studying medicine... can't wait to catch up and talk about how we are going to meet over the holidays when im in England end of the year. hahaha.

Ok then... Enjoy the weekend people!! It goes by real fast when you're having fun you know?? so don't have fun! hahahaha... *lame*

Till nxt time take care all.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

My Sister is BACK!

Hey peeps i'm updating coz weiwei requested! lol

Anyway this week my days have been filled with cleaning up the house and trying to sort out my accommodation for Uni.. It still hasn't been done.

My sister and Brother in-law are back tomorrow! YAY! i'm so excited for them to be back in Malaysia while i fly off to England in the next three months time.

Seems like i won't be going for NS after all.. i still haven't got the letter and intake for the third session is this sunday! double YAY! lol

Anyway thats about it lar. my bro has to go over to my mother's school to get the pics coz for some reason i can't burn them into the cd. alrights then.. till nxt time.. c ya

Sunday, 10 June 2007


Sorry everbody for the absence of me in updating my blog. hahaha. i've been waiting for the pics from england to be ready but it just aint ready yet. so i will continue to wait. lol

anyway.. that's about it... i think it's boring to talk about what i've been doing coz it's been bollocks! lol

till nxt time have a nice day!

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Missing England

Hi all,

As you can see from the title of this entry.. i'm really missing England... the people there, my family.. haihz.. i can't do much right? Life in Malaysia is just different from the life i had in England. I guess that's what you call holidaying? the time of your life? lol Anyway.. just wanted to say that i missed it and i miss everyone in England (those that i know)lol.

On another note, thanks to Brian and his friend for getting free tickets to see POTC last night! It was alright the show i must say.. it was a little bit too draggy. But looking at hotties like Orlando and Johnny is pretty satisfying. lol

Oh and i guess you can say that i'm getting use to the weather again.. i've been drinking loads of water coz of this heat. Heat to me, alright to others. lol. Mayb coz i've been in england for two weeks with temperatures of 5 degrees sometimes. haih. how i miss that. But i've got my trusty aircon for me to feel comfortable. Lol.

Alright then don't want to write to long.. need to help mum with the tiles.

till nxt time. byeee

Monday, 4 June 2007

Another day of hacking.

Hey peeps.
Get back home and what do you do? you start hacking your floors again. lol.. Today my day was filled with moving the furniture out of the master bedroom into another room and then.. the hacking begins.. i hate it when this begins.. coz it's dusty and smelly and all sorts.. haihz.

I'll be going out later to watch POTC at Cineleisure. Woppee! haha. thanks to Becky (well actually its one of her mates Brian...) lol. Thanks for calling me though! So that's a break from todays work.. phew...

The CPU is still not detecting the network card.. soo.. my bro has to faster fix it so that i can load the pics and post it up here. Or i could always load the pics, save them into my tumbdrive then post the pics up.. but... im so totally LAZY to do that.

I wonder when is my NS letter coming.. hopefully it doesn't but i have a feeling it will ... =(... if it does come.. that means that i will be leaving home again for three months in another two weeks time. =( Then when i get back from that.. off again to Leeds.... what a hectic life. but if that stupid letter doesn't come! then yay! more time for freedom! (hanging out with friends and lazing around) hahaha.

Okay enough of blogging already... need to go back to helping out my mother. oh.. the reason for all this hacking is because we are changing the parkay to tiles... hahahha. okay.
Just a preview of the pics to come from the Wedding and Greg's place post.

Till the nxt entry...... Byeeee...

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Back home in Malaysia

Hiya all...

Just landed a few hours ago and i'm feeling alright just a bit tired. The flight was alright, i manage to get in a few hours of sleep. i'm on the laptop now as my CPU has a problem, kinda sad coz i won't be able to load the pics till the CPU is done. lol.. So hurry up kho!! Do it! haha you know i love you. *like he even reads my blog?*

It's been a few hours and i'm already missing England, the atmosphere, the people but all is good.. i'm back to the Malaysian weather and FOOD! Yay! anyone up for a dinner? haha.

I want to watch some movies that are recently out as well. On my list are : POTC, Shrek, Ocean 13 erm.... i think that's it for now.

I won't be blogging about the wedding and night at Greg's place anytime soon.. but i will do it as soon as my CPU is fixed. I took hell alot of pics in England.. in total about 749.. haha. i know it's not alot.. =D

Okey dookey.. i think i'll be off now.

Take care everybody.. leave a comment or two please..