Thursday, 25 September 2008

job hunt continues.

Raya is coming... Just want to wish all Malays a very 'Selamat Hari Raya'.. to those who are driving back to your hometown... DRIVE SAFE YAH! These days loads of accidents are happening.. just be on the safe side please.

To MY Malay friends (you know who you are) a very Selamat HAri Raya! where's my duit raya? =) i need it you know.... im totally broke at the moment. =D haha.

So.... i've been working at the Kindergarten and it seems to be alright. just some of the kids there are kinda misbehaving around me coz they know they can bully me. anyway... they soon will not be! =D hehehehe... being a teacher is hard work kay.. you need sooo much patience... its unbelievable. Anyway. my company (bro, mother and dad) wants to send me to the Welfare Course (Montessori) not just coz im working at the centre but that it would help me with my 'future' children... haha. I'll have to think about it. coz its every Saturday... until December... a bit the long rite? and i have to go for a practical for three days. So if i do ever get a job in the PR industry that would be a difficult situation. BUT! the plus point is that its in ENGLISH! thank God. lol.

So i'll have to see.... need to make the decision by tomorrow. as the first class is this saturday.. so sad... i have to say byebye to my saturday's.... but then again... with suffering comes advantages! We'll see!

Moving on.... as you can see from the title above... i didnt get the jobs from the two companys that i went for interviews with... so the job hunt continues! nevermind.. i wont give up! must strive for excellence! haha. in other words must try my best to get a job! so that i can earn $$$

Here's just a bit of pictures to lighten up this post. Hope you enjoy them..

Aliaa, Elia, Raina and Me went to the FISH SPA!! it was... i cant describe it!

Aliaa Straighten her hair!! soooo beautiful! we shall meet again once raya is over!

Me placing my feet into a tank full of fishes to eat my flesh! lol well not flesh but dead skin.


Chocolate molten brownie with vanilla ice cream ontop! yummilicious!

Me and Tina. with the chocolate molten brownie with vanilla on top.. *droolsss*me and tina without the chocolate molten brownie vanilla ice cream on top. lol

bathroom shot!

Tina and I

Just some of the events that occurred over the past two weeks....

OhYah! my bloody graduation pictures got lost in the post! so they had to send it again! i hope they arrive this time around!
*have faith and things will come true*

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Birthday wishes from a far part 2

Today's wish goes out to my housie pinky leong.... whose 15 hours flight away from meeee... =( Anyways!! i wanna wish my Biatch a very very very


Hope you have a blast sweetheart even though you're working this weekend im sure you will manage to.... dont get pissed aight?? =D

Know that you are always in my heart and i am thinking about you everyday!

Love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..................... te quiero guapa!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Birthday wishes from a far.

This is a special post that goes out to Mr. Aydin Orhan... close friend of mine when we were back in the U.K.

You turn 24 today.. well wishes are coming from me and all your mates! Hope you have a BLAST mate! we will be waiting here for your visit to us soon!

Haha! i think it was today a year ago that i met you well not today but that week of orientation. i still remember it! you ass. you was teasing me about the taxi still remember those words and everyone else was copying you just to tick me off. "Sabrinnaaaaaa........ where's our taxi????" haha was a laugh!


We're all wishing you a Happy Birthday!
Alright that's it for hooked.on gossip girl.. xx

Monday, 15 September 2008

Music & Booze

For the past week my parents have been to India and back, supposedly i was suppose to go to Bangkok but it got canceled, met Kevin the other night and finally went clubbing with wei and the rest.

I was alright over the past week without my parents around. but had loads of errands to run for the school and other stuff as well. had two interviews last week. hopefully they'll get back to me this week!

Moving on.... so i went to Velvet twice in a weekend row.. i like clubbing back in KL again... its different from Leeds. Its for one thing packer (sometimes till like a sardin can) ... and you'll come out of the club sweaty and smelling of smoke! Thus... its different. music wise as well. but they do tend to put a mixture of music which is great.

Don't get me wrong... i do miss the coolness (temp wise), the non smell like smoke feeling.. and the i can swing my arms about without hitting people sensation! lol loved it.

Butttt.... overall i love clubbing thus doing it anywhere will please me fine.

here are some pictures over the course of the two nights at velvet.



Wern Tien's


Different night

Wei's Group picture..

head shot


group picture... er... the drunkness?

Well then.. that's it for now. gonna update again tomorrow.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Nat's birthday

last week was Nat's birthday. so we went out for dinner and some drinks at CoCoBaNaNa... it was also a meet up after being away for almost a year. hope to have another meet up soon.

anyway.. in other news... my BKK trip was canceled due to the political riots and state of emergency that was declared. i'm happy that we were able to get back the refund of our flights tho. so it wasn't such a heartache... however we were still disappointed and upset... its okay we will go next time..when its not so dangerous.

So i've been working at my mum's and bro's school for the past week just keeping an eye on things... and doing some design work for their posters.......

Here are some pictures....

While waiting in the car.

Nat, Me and Evon..... Yuen Steamboat Mentari, Subang Jaya.


Steammmmmboat with mates. (first time with mates)

Me and Nat after cocobanana... my eyes.. gosh i must have been tired.Hehehehe.. i like.


Me and beautiful kenix.

Me and Vonieeeeeeee

Okay.... im heading out to jalan alor for dinner now. seafoooddddd.... i wannttttt.......

Im really missing England by the way. all the mates.. i think coz i saw them everyday of my life there its weird that i dont see my friends here everyday. sigh... its okay..... i'll pull through.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

'you didn't suprise us, you lied to us'

Title of the post was said by Lim Wei Wei when i went to her house on the night i arrived. Haha. it was hilarious... you see... i told all my mates that i was returning on the 16th instead of the 14th, just to surprise them... unfortunately they didn't really appreciate me giving them the shock. haha.

Anyways...... i was happy to do and happy to see most of my mates at the moment. there are still loads to see and hopefully we will meet up soon!

Moving on to other events that occurred over the past three weeks now that i've been back. Clemens came to visit on the 21st and was staying at my place. Hopefully, we did a good job in bringing him around. but he kept telling us that 'its alright.. we can just chill and hang out i dont mind coz im here to see you all only.' awwwww..... how sweet. Anyway Clems... just to let you know we enjoyed your company and bringing you out. Please do come back again and stay longer next time - for Malaysia has a lot more to offer.

So here are just a lil bit of the pictures we took while Clemens was here.

First night we brought him to redbox for karaoke. we enjoyed it.

Elia and me @ Redbox
Clemens fell asleep in Aliaa's car when we were on the way to KLCC


Petronas Twin Tower / KLCCKLCC with Clemens and Aliaa

Me and Aliaa

And again.. with the park behind us.

Then we took him to Batu Caves.... Big statue of their God
Steps leading up to the temple. way way up there.


Clemens and the Buddha.

From a diff view.

Kuala Lumpur view from the KL Tower.

KLCC / Twin Towers from KL tower.
Clemens with the towers.

Clems and Me under the Tower (Tiang) lol

Tian How Gong Temple. (chinese temple)


Clemens and God.Clemens and me before his flight off back to Indonesia and then to Holland.

That's all the pictures from Clemens visit to Malaysia. Hope you really did enjoy it Clemens and i'll see you soon either back in Malaysia again or in Holland! =)