Friday, 24 December 2010

The long awaited holiday.

The fams and i took a trip down to PD on the 20th.... We stayed at Legend Water homes and boy was it awesome...

Every morning i woke up to this awesome view of the Malacca straits.... absolutely beautiful. Makes me think... would i ever give up city life to just... mellow by the beach? It's an idea... but not a plan.. yet.

The second day of our trip we made a day trip down to Malacca for some chicken rice balls, pineapple tarts, cendol and more food. Seriously need to UBER DIET after this 2 week holiday.

Enjoy the pictures.

Have a great Xmas eve countdown peeps! xoxo

Skipped 2 posts..

Whoops! i forgot two posts.... which involves booze, dance, awesome muzac, more booze, LEGENDARY nights and ending with more booze....... and finally dimsum. =D

Can't be arsed to talk much about it. but the first part of the pictures relates to LEGENDARY NIGHT and second to EPICNESS.



Ok.. now it's time for bed..

Happy Christmas Eve everybody.