Thursday, 17 July 2008

Final house party for us.

Sorry for the lack of updates just been busy with packing and working for the Uni two weeks ago and then i was in Manchester with no internet (occasionally i will go online just to check email and be on MSN for a bit).

Anyway... now im in Birmingham with my sister...yup she has moved back here now, for good... so down here to spend some time with her before i head back to manchester to see my parents who arrive on friday! woooppeee!

Moving on.. here are some pictures of the last and final house party we had before everyone left kirkstall in june. do hope you enjoy them.

Cristina and me
Me and MaitePablo!

Alberto *Cristina's Boyfriend*Africa *Cristina's Best Friend*

Me and Cristina again..

Me and Josito.. really sweet guy..Me and Natalia...

Natalia me and Aydin

And that's it really. I will update again soon. so i'll catch you later!

Love, Sabrina

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