Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Live life with no regrets

Confused - Troubled- Life- Work- Busy- Stressed - Love - Hate - Disappointed - Upset- Relieved- Scared- Worried- Angry - Frustrated-

Need a change in life. Need someone to love. Need to be loved. Love life. Hate life. Fear life. Enjoy life.

Want love - want money- want you-want happiness.

Year 2009 - Hate negativity. Breathe positivity. Live forever and ever. Dream happiness and love.

Live life with no regrets.

I thought of you all the time today. upset. disappointed and ashamed. I called you today but i got no reply. Keep thinking on what i did wrong and how i can make it up to you. i thought of you today my friend. of the times we had and the times i hope we have again. give me a call.



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