Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The internet is being a pain in the arse.

I can't seem to load Singapore pictures on.. so i'm just gonna rant about what's been happening so far.

  • Trying to face some reality that really hurts.... but seriously? what else can i do. I am happy and sad at the same time.
  • Making a change in my life... slowly you guys will get to notice.
  • Thinking of when will be my next trip to Singapore already. haha. Universal Studios man!
  • I'm turning 22 soon... gosh.. im getting old'er'
Anyways. that's my update for now. hopefully the net will be more up to speed in the next few days for me to update my Singapore trip (well more like spam my blog with pictures! - haha)

P.S i'll be working 7 days a week until Christmas... wish me luck....

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