Tuesday, 7 December 2010

One night at P&P

Date: 27 November 2010
Venue: Prestige 40 Under 40s, G Tower, KL & Phuture, Zouk KL

Went to this event invited by wei wei the other night. It was pretty boring, a mingling of guests and some announcer telling us who the winners are... BUT they had free flow of booze and finger food (that included this orgasmic spring rolls and i trust from wei and steph reviews AWESOME macaroons) Not only that... i got to spend time with the coolest babes on this planet (to me at least) LOL

We decided to head to Zouk after that... Unfortunately, Steph had to leave early.. which was a bummer BUT knowing us.. we had a good time never the less....

ohhh.. and in between zouk we went to this restaurant on Changkat... Forgot what's it called already.. but we had some pubfood.. yummzzzz...

Enjoy the pictures peeps!

Today has been really successful - in terms of rest and relaxation, hang out (bitching session), xmas deco part 2 up and pressies 1/2 being wrapped...

Happy Wednesday peeps!


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