Sunday, 7 February 2010

Happy Sunday Peeps

Read this really good quote for work today. I read it.. and i said... that's absolutely true. Let's hope this helps me out a bit. =)

"The secret of joy in work is contained in one word - excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it." --Pearl Buck

So I've had an interesting weekend so far...

Thursday - Had a bit of a tonsil problem at night, so i had a fever and went to bed real early.

Friday - Work was hectic today and was working late covering an alumni event. Then headed up to Genting with Wei Wei and Stephanie. My parents got a free room you see. We reached at like... 11.15pm? urggh. all coz of me. sorry babez.

Saturday early A.M - we crashed into our hotel room and then headed to Starbucks chilled out a bit and then went to the room for our drinking session.

Saturday morning - Woke up and headed down to Starbucks again. It was foggy that morning. Thus, not giving us a chance to take some photo's of the scenery. Headed down to gohtong for lunch and strawberry farm.

Saturday afternoon - was spent at a vintage outlet. Wei got herself 3 dresses. =)

Saturday night - went out with Charmaine for dinner and a movie. We watched 'Case39', i thought it was good but needed a better ending as it was a typical storyline.

Sunday - Meeting up with David today... I'm continuing my hunt of CNY outfits. I've got 2 down... another 1 to go and 1 pair of heels to suit all 3 outfits.

Till the next time. Take care peeps. xoxo

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