Tuesday, 1 June 2010

You struggle now.. but you will succeed later.

Aloha June! Please be nice to me? Thank you.

I think this weekend will be a quiet one for me... thinking of just crashin at home for the weekend. too much over May has happened. I need the rest. but i'm unsure whether i will be too restless and head out again. haha. Where there is a will, there is a way. Oooppss!

I went to watch 'the bounty hunter' the other day, just for the viewing pleasure of Gerald Butler's hotness! hehe. Overall the movie was okay.. wouldn't say it was awesome... funny at times though. =)

Butler is soooo hawt!
I've got a current obsession of three particular singers at the moment - all British i have to say. maybe it's in the roots! haha. Pixie, Leona and Cheryl, all have got me listening to the iPod on constant replay. All of the songs talking about men.. and how shitty they are! haha. i salute these three for their courage, charisma and talent.

Right. enough of this rambling... I've got some pictures of the day to day hang out session with the matez. it was last weekend.

Mango Yogurt @ Calorie

The day was spent with one of my matez - Charmaine

Salad rolls @ Calorie

Chicken wings @ Calorie

Sunday afternoon After a hangover? I and Kenix @ Italiannies
Evon and Nat @ Italiannies
Olive Oil and Vinegar anyone?



The three besties

Sabrina + Vonnie

Sabrina, Kenix and Vonnie

All together now

That night met up with the highschool girls. Siew Hui + Sabrina

Elaine + Siew Hui
Here's a preview of the next update on our crazy night out at Barsoniiccc and Taylor's SOC Alumni gathering. =)
Cheers all! Nighty Night! xoxo

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