Friday, 10 September 2010

Gohtong Getaway a.k.a wei's belated birthday celebration

Date: August 12, 2010 (my break from NS was for 5 days)
Venue: The Apartment, Gohtong Jaya
Occasion: Stress relief, time with the babes, wei wei's belated birthday

So we went up to Genting on that thursday afternoon itself, equip with ingredients for dinner that night, booze, snacks and entertainment.

Once we got up there it was already about 6ish? So we got down to cooking our dinner. Once that was done. we had a little surprise for weis... Steph helped us get her one of those light up boxes with your name on it (picture later) and I helped get a cake... It was really hilarious, coz we were like wei wei.. stay in the room and don't come out! lol... so farney.. she was like 'WTF'.... But overall she was surprised i guess?

After our dinner of sausage, cheese & mushroom omelette, mushroom soup and French toast... we headed up to genting for a drink...

We came down about 12.30am and our very own house party started!

Here are the pictures. Hope you enjoy them.

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