Monday, 17 January 2011

Christmas 2010

I know.. it's a really back dated post.. But never the less.. as long as i am blogging about it.. it's good enough. =)

This Christmas was a special one for the Foo Family.. because.. it was the first Christmas with Lil Renee! We also had a Christmas Party cum Birthday party for me... Double joy and happiness... (Sound so Chinese New year-ish)

Anyway! Moving on..... The Foo Family also got a DSLR this Christmas.. and boy are the pictures AWESOME. enjoy enjoy...

P.S sorry if i repeated any pictures.

There will be another post up soon of my Birthday at Monte and 21 Bangsar...

Just a special shout out to all those who wished me... who gave me pressies this xmas and birthday... Love you all to bits! xoxo

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