Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Hennessy Weekend

At the end of July, Laine got this invitation to a free flow Hennessy event at Mist Club, Bangsar. It has been ages since i last went there.. so being back there reminded me of all the fond memories i had with my friends. =) Seeing as it was a free flow event once Laine called me for it i was on the boat.. =) 

Boy did we rock the boat.. Ontop of that, we headed to Velvet at 2am in the morning, i know crazy shyteee... 

Anyways... enjoy the pictures we sure had tons of fun! 

It all began... with a absolutely lovely liquor brand called henessyyy... lol

Hennessy mixed with berry - the mixer i prefered that night. ;-)

The non tipsy faces. LOL

The non tipsy handss..

Got ourselves some vip wristbandsss... 

Kenn and I

Chua, Stephie and I

The tipsy face with Laine

And it begins.. haha

Soooo Tipsyyy

Peace ya'll... why suddenly got so many hands in the shot?

That wraps up my July activities.. The month of August will be filled with fun activities... Loads of pictures from the BF birthday will be up soons! 


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