Monday, 12 September 2011

Public Holiday Eve's - here's what we do.

So it was a public holiday eve a few weeks back - but only for Selangor.. so our friends who worked in KL couldn't join us.. boohoo.

Never the less we had a fan-tas-tic time but it would have been better if the whole gang was there too!

So.. we actually didn't really know where we would head but we drove to Bakita at Changkat first.. We got there and it was empty. not a single soul. haha. So we took the alternative destination which was Zouk and headed there instead.

Surprise surprise when we got there, the crowd wasn't big as well.. strike 12.30am and the place was packed. We had to go to Zouk Mainroom as all the other clubs were shut on the Tuesday night.

Let the pictures speak for the fun we had that night... =D


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