Thursday, 15 December 2011

Xmas present no.3

The first present was a present from my mum - it was a hush puppies weekender bag. (she gave me that in October before she flew off. Reason being she said what for bring your presents all the way there when you gonna bring them back anyway, funny shit)... 

Moving on, after that i got a present from my boss, i have yet to open it... Maybe coz i was trained to not open up presents before xmas day itself? but I'll definitely open it up just before I fly off to UK (in FOUR days time).

The third Chirstmas present was kinda a surprise for me. BBM text comes in. 'What you doing boxing day?' Reply from me 'shopping!! It's boxing day sales!!'  Next text in... 'no... you're gonna go watch the match at old trafford' 

Stunned and excited all at once - I thank my brother for getting those tickets... Manchester United here  I come!!! I hope O'Shea is playing. he's such a hottie. 

Gonna be one cold afternoon though.. it's reported gonna be -3 degrees that afternoon. So best be wrapped up! Haha! 

Thanks Kor... for giving me the chance to see the real thing at their home ground. Loves you!! 

So i've not done too bad for my Christmas presents so far... bring on the rest! =D 


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