Friday, 6 January 2012

January Trip Plans

Greetings! Hope the new year has been treating you well... It's my fourth day at work.. And i've already been on a day medical leave as i'm stuck with this really bad cough and flu. Hope this isn't a sign of an unhealthy year for me. But if you go according to Chinese Calendar then I guess i'm ok. haha.

Chinese New Year is next up on our festive agendas! Lots of stuff going on in January and I can't wait!! There's lots of stuff happening at work too.... =(  But never the less, our holiday is only 2 weeks away! =)

So the family and I would probably head up to KB on the eve of CNY this year, different from previous years of going up on the first day instead. The reason? I suggested to the family that going down on the first day, lets us miss out on the reunion dinner (the night before CNY), first day open house (Nasi Dagang Feast!) and getting all those ang pao's from visitors!! so this year we go down the day before!

Moving on.. After i get back from KB, the mates and I will be heading to Seremban to this place called 'The Dusun' - we've heard great reviews on this place and have decided to try it out. Hopefully 2 other friends of ours can make it too!

Can't wait to relax peacefully at this place. =)

Barbeque-ing by the hills would be an awesome experience! Cannot wait! =D 


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