Monday, 16 July 2012

Living in NYC

So I was google-ing about last night and I decided to google - Working in New York. 

Not to my surprise about how expensive it will be to live and work there. Being the big apple, one would think it is about the same cost as living in capital city like Kuala Lumpur. Boy was I right. I read that a studio apartment can cost up to USD2,000 a month. Looking at how much a person with experience but not at managerial standards are to earn and living in NYC? I would be probably living on the streets. Le Sigh. Here's where I got all this information from.

Maybe when i reach managerial level perhaps? =) 

I'm not going to give up.. whether it be going there to work or on holiday. I will one day make it New York. =)  

Happy monday. xoxo

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