Monday, 20 May 2013

Little thought.

I know it's a little early to start the countdown. But i'm starting to get excited about my summer plans. Maybe its the insane regular day in day out routine i've been having.. and i'm craving a little adventure. As life, its all about adventures.

So yeah! I'm intensely excited about my upcoming travel plans to England, Paris and Spain. Excited to see my nieces, sister, bro-in-law, nanna, cousins, aunties and ofcourse my friends. Always happy to return to what do you call it? Mother's hometown.

Don't get me wrong, i'll miss all the things back home for the three weeks i'm away. heck. I'll miss them. I'll miss him. But again, Life is all about adventures. And I must make and take this adventure. When i return, i'll talk about it, I'll write about it, I'll even show you a video about it and I'll definitely be a changed person, a better person, a person that has experienced another adventure. =)

Just a little thought.

Happy Monday. 

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