Sunday, 2 March 2008


Last weekend i went to Edinburgh with Don't be a Tourist and it was amazing. The peeps i went with were Cristina, Mayte, Aydin and Elia, we had tons of fun going around Edinburgh and exploring the culture of it. Pictures will be up later.

I went to a french house party last night and it was fun at the beginning but later on got a little bit too crowded causing us to decide to leave earlier than usual. Amazingly i was so tired and i guess it was because i had to walk twice to uni and back during the day, plus the weather was terrible yesterday with it raining and strong winds. Pictures from the party however will be up in the next post as there are loads of pics to load from my Edinburgh trip.
I really wanted to go with Don't be a Tourist to Stonehenge, Salisbury and Cotswolds buttt.. unfortunately its all sold out and that's like.... 2 weeks before it! Gosh.

Uni is getting hectic by the day... good news that my presentation will be finished next week and then i only have to worry about my dissertation and PACE. Which i am dreading... sigh... but what to do... it is really hard coming into the Final year of the degree.. i wouldn't recommended it to anyone as its just totally different the way things are done in Leeds Met. Well I'm going to try my hardest to get a 2:1 and i hope and pray that i will get it! I've got to get started on my dissertation... and make sure its a good one.
I really cannot wait to get back to Malaysia to see family and friends. I can't wait for my parents to arrive on the 18Th of July.. to see them... gosh. so excited, i know it's still very long away... but.... yea! my parents man! come on.....
However, i know i am going to miss England like hell! and uni life.... well not the work of course but the friends and the atmosphere of being a uni student. Its great! and I'm going to miss it. Its going to be so different without the usual people i hang out with... its sorta like saying I'm not going to see them again.. but... they could always come and visit me or i could always go and visit them in a few years time. =)
Alright then I'll end my post here. and loads some Edinburgh pictures up for you all to enjoy. Load of pictures.... i'm too lazy to caption them... sooo sorry..hahaha.

Well then thats about it. hahaha. till the next post! enjoy and have a good week ahead!

Love Sabrina



Anonymous said...

just wanted to leave u a comment,
i see u have change yr pages style..


I miss Leeds.. Norway is very different from UK, much colder

Anonymous said...

hey sissi. haha thanks for leaving me a comment. hahaha warm in leeds? no way!
talk to you soon