Wednesday, 19 March 2008

red chili dinner 9-03-08

Hi all, Just a quick post as i need to shower and run off to uni coz i have a badminton session. haha. So yea.. err.. about 2 weeks ago.. a bunch of us went to Red Chili for dinner! now.. the food there.. was like eating food in a Kuala Lumpur high class chinese Restaurant.. im serious! lol it was good.... but ofcourse not as good as KL.. i mean .... its good for England to have a place like that! in conclusion.. it was awesome lah. lol

After that we went to this Bar called HI-FI where they had this really nice band playing.. gosh they were good! so all in all.. it was an AWESOME night. lol
HEre are some pictures to illustrate further. Enjoy.
Cristina and Maite Junie, Jason and Aydin
Sabrina, Cristina and Maite
Me and Cristina
Me and Maite

Pinky, Jason and Junie Aydin and me. hahaha.. Cristina such a good photographer
Maite and Me
Maite and me

Me and Junie

Me and Candle
me in the streets of leeds.
Pinky and me.
Cristina and Maite
Aydin, Me, Cris and Maite Aydin and me. i love this pic... i wasnt pretending.. i was really listening to jason.
Yum Yum....
The sweet and sour fish we had!
And the awesome banD!

Thats it for now chicas and chicos.. i have to go shower now and get ready for badminton!!

Till Next time.. Stay Tuned!!

Love Sabrina


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