Wednesday, 27 August 2008


This is my 100 post. Something special? i doubt it. it's just another blog entry to me.

So... Graduation... it went well.. i had fun.. plus bonus that my family was there to cheer me on. Had to wait ages for my name to be called just coz public relations is the last section in the Business school.

Announcer "Sabrina Li Ting Foo" me (laughs in head wtf) haha. anyway. i sprinted across the stage. guess it was the nerves.

after the ceremony. mum goes "eh, why you walk so fast? never seen you walk that fast in my life" -_- thanks mum.

anyway.............. here are some pictures!

I take after my dad. lol.

Pa and Mum

Pa, Nana, and Mum

Pa, Nana and Sis

Pa, Nana and Mum

Whole Group.Sisters

The Auditorium


Class of 2008!

Whopppiieeeee Graduated!

Sisters HAHAAHAHA my face....

Public Relations Buddies.... we suffered but succeeded


Junie, Beth, Sabrina and Dina

Woooppp! Whoop!
Okay that's it for this post. hope you enjoyed it.

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