Sunday, 12 October 2008

Foo Clan Association 68th Anniversary

October 12, 2008 Sunday..

October 5, 2008 was the Foo Clan Association 68th Anniversary dinner at Tian How Gong.. It was a good experience as i got to experience the Chinese Culture which represents half of my background. I was thrilled to go and see my uncle as well whom i haven't seen since Chinese New Year 2007.. Overall it was a great night, i was highly entertained by the dancing, singing and speeches. (which were all in Mandarin, so there was some part of it that i didnt understand). Went with pa, kor, yee, beh deh, ben nian, ah boh and met lak deh there.

Been hell busy these couple of days that i just dont have time for myself.. im starting work tomorrow.. yeah.. im working now. it feels strange that i will not be studying anymore. unless i decide to do a masters. which i highly doubt i would.

Also feeling that i need a change in my lifestyle as i find it boring... again its all got to do with im living with my family rather than with friends. Its just weird coz i do have the freedom but i use it less? lol maybe im just a loner with no friends to hang out with.

Anyway. enough said. here's some pictures from the dinner.

Yee and Jo

Sabrina and Yee

Son, Daughter, Father (look alikes?)

Happy Birthday Foo's

Yeeee.... did you blow the candle?
2nd man from the left first row my uncle (Vice President of the Foo Clan)

Okayz... i need to clean my room now. its in a utter mess!

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