Friday, 3 October 2008

Blogging from Coffee Bean...

Last weekend me and the girls attended the Hennessey Artistry Event @ Orange Club.. it was great.. had free flow of Hennessey drinks it was the bomb. ahaha the music was great too.... unfortunately we were confused on whether to leave to Velvet or stayyy... and it was back and forward back and forward till i said lets just go la! then we went... and it was too late for Velvet so we decided to join our mate at Poppy's..

Soooo.. after being here for a month. i finally went to the poppy's i've been talking to everybody about in Leeds. And i must say its a VERY VERY drastic change to what it use to be! Its bigger...... which means MORE people can get in.. and it was already sooo packed in the day. imagine now..... there were tooo many ppl i have to say.. and with soooo many ppl and this weather.... it was just one word... 'uncomfortable'.. have they never heard of 'a cut off limit'? money minded ppl... gosh.

Anyway...... even though it was packed... hot... like we were in a sardine can we still manage to have fun.. and Fion was pissed as hell!

As you can see from the title above. im blogging from Coffee Bean (Genting Highlands) Its a great service to have with the nice hot chocolate im having at the moment...

Moving on.. heres a few pictures of last saturday!

Blogger is being a 'bitch' wont let me load... so just check the pictures out on Facebook and Friendster. lol

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead and hope you all had fun over the Raya break.

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