Sunday, 2 November 2008

been a month. been 4 months.

Just got back from having dinner with my mates at this place at changkat bukit bintang - 'Bermuda and Onion' - an Italian restaurant- reminds me of Alessandra how i miss her. I would say that the place ain't that bad... if you wanna treat yourselves and have a lil quite time with a love one or a bunch of friends.. its a great place for all occasions. and friendly ppl as well!

There'll be some pictures up soonish. Just a lil more writing for now.

Been a month... that i've started work.. and i have to admit like everyone has told me before... once you start working you wish you was still a student.. and yes people that is how i feel right now. i wanna go back to those days where i can sleep in and not care of what i have to do today, i wanna go back to those times i had with my mates going to the cinema, hanging out in the living room, watching telly. all that. all gone. lol. sigh. that's life aint it?

I procrastinate on the ultimate question of... 'do you work for something you like or do you work for the money?'.

If you work.. and get both things that's really great. and if you work just to get money to live the life you want then.. well done to you as well. and if you work for something you like and not get that much money again kudos to you!.. for me? I still am on the quest of looking for the right answer to my life. my career. along with my identity. my purpose. my goal. my achievements and my life.

Am i the same person as before or have i changed for worst or the better? Still undecided... undetermined.. and the only people who can determine the answer for that is a person that is truly truthful to me and knows me.

Its been 4 months that you've been out of my life... 4 months of guessing whether you think of me and 4 months of keeping you in my mind. now... i know you think of me... i know you keep me in your mind and i cant wait to see you again.. soon i hope. missing those days we had and the times you felt weird. I think that you are truly nice and every person you meet, you touch with your gratitude and unique funkiness! I'm missing you.

Getting ready..

creme brulee

Strawberry and

Chocolate, cream, strawberry, coconut sorbet. the choc cake just melts and oozes out chocolate!


All together now.
Right gonna start my second month of work... hope its a good month.. wishing all my mates a happy November.. 8 weeks to Christmas and 9 weeks to being legal.


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