Saturday, 8 November 2008

visit from my friend.

Saturday, 8th November 2008. -6.10pm-

About two weeks ago.. Nick came down to KL to visit. We met up went for drinks and stuff. lol It was fun meeting up and chatting about. but we didn't spend too much time together as we both had stuff to do and he was preoccupied with his mates as well. No worries I'm sure there will be other opportunities for us to meet again. Meet Kevin as well during one of the events.

So this weekend... I'm just gonna stay at home as i need to take a break, a rest from my life of going out drinking, spending and shit. I'm really getting tired for no apparent reason and just need to have some time to myself just to chill watch a DVD and listen to music. Its sad ya know.. going out all the time and not having any time to myself to think, pamper and relax.... Don't get me wrong i love going out with my mates and having a great night out. just.. a person needs sometime to herself too! My brother was like 'eh.. why you at home?' haha.. really sad eh? I've been so busy out all the time that I've not been seen at home lately.... Thus my agenda this weekend is to stay at home. plus clean my room, it's utterly disgusting. like a bomb hit my room.

Work has been alright. but for the past two days I've been working late.. till about 9pm.. The reason for this? is because we have this new intern in the office which is absolutely rubbish. i mean as a person she's great very sociable.. but once it comes to work she's utterly useless. i mean simple admin work, she can't even do.. it really makes me upset and disappointed, here i was treating her nicely and not treating her like other interns in the industry, and she lets me down for not completing her work. I am not upset to see her go (if she doesn't come back on Monday) I'm just disappointed that she didn't even try and show enthusiasm... ahh well that's just some people for you eh?

Last night my colleagues had a house party.. haha. i had two tequila pop's and already was out of it. coz.... i was already having a headache to begin with anddd.. i was DEAD tired.. really. i was so tired it was unbelievable. oh yea.. had a tequila sunrise as well... the tequila was really strong..

I really should stop drinking every weekend. it ain't good. for the body, mind and soul... Its also been a good week as I've had the chance to talk to my bibi!! sigh.. its been awhile.. but glad to know that you'll be alright bibi! just listen to what i said and you'll be fine.. i love you no matter what happens... Still missing you though.. we should talk more often bibi! at least once or twice a week ya?

right. I'm gonna go back to my relaxing weekend break. lol. i need for a holiday, a getaway.. Singapore perhaps? lol


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