Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Taiwanese Lunch

Tuesday 021208 - 27 days to turn 21.. 12.02am.
The other day we went to eat at a taiwanese restuarant. it wasnt that bad. pretty good actually. I had the seafood noodles.. it was good and very filling.. will go there again one day. I've been reall busy at work these couple of weeks thanks to the demanding wants of clients... in need of a long holiday just to spend time with my family and friends. i miss them all so so much. Well this coming is a long weekend. so i cant wait to spend it with my family. its times like this when you realise... they are all you have.. cheerish them and dont look back!

Ok.. ya di ya de. im really tired now so i cant go on... this week and probably next week is going to be soooo busy its unbelievable. i hope i finish my work on time and produce good quality work. i hope and pray. lol

I'm so entirely stressed that i dont even know what im going to do for my birthday.. please someone help me!
right below are some pictures of the lunch we had the other day.

Lazy to type the description. sorry. lol. okay. im off to bed. goodnight!
take care all. till the next post keep safe!

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