Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Been. Gone. Came Back.

January- 28/01/09 - Wednesday

Sorry for the recent lag of updates. Not that anyone reads the blog anyway. but. for the sake of looking back at this post in the future as it represents the moments I've had.. I'll write on.

So my last post was about wishing me readers a happy Xmas and new year. Thus, this post is gonna be about my Christmas Celebration with the Family and New Year's Celebration (bit of a bore).

Here goessss...

Had to work on Christmas eve, but thanks to my lovely boss... i got to get off at 6 SHARP. Yes Yes my working hours are from 9am-6pm but due to the demanding wants of clients, we have to work according to their insane times. haha. Anyway... i got off earlier... and headed home to be with my family - whom were down from KB as well. so that was great... I'm a people person... so family and friends mean hell a lot to me. I got home... mingled around... went to eat and it was back home to make some mince pies (yummmmssss) then we all just hanged about before heading to the sack for the night.

Christmas morning was a blast. opened up presents, enjoyed the company, went for a light lunch, then the kids just continued on playing with their presents while i was popping on and off the computer chatting with mates on msn. Then came the time for all of us to get dressed up in our best outfit and head to the dining room for the scrumptious Christmas dinner made by my mother. Turkey, Roast pork, Potatoes, Sprouts, Carrots, Wine, Liquor and the famous Trifle was what made Christmas all about. Haha. After being away last Christmas, boy was i jolly to be here this year and the years to come.

Christmas in our house is a tradition that my mother has created for the whole 'Foo' family. We celebrate it to the fullest and Christmas Day is our Family Day.

As for the new year... We (Mum, Dad, Me) decided to head up to our second home Gohtong Jaya... and up the hill to Genting Highlands. It was paccccccccckkkkeeddddd.... like Sardines but never the less i enjoyed it very much just chilling out with the tv and a bag a crisps. Though... maybe next year i'll celebrate it with someone special? never know. *fingers crossed*

Right then... that's enough of jabbering on about my holiday... i'll post up some pictures now to 'entertain' me readers! Lol

Christmas Morning

All the cousins and 1st Uncle

The Kids table
Me and my dinner

Daddy and Mummy
Drunk from JD and Coke, Midori, Malibu and wine? I think not.
Me and Mummy -New Years Eve
The public rushing to get a spot to watch the fireworks at the stroke of midnight.
Me and the Cable Car. haha
Well thats it for now.... till next time....... take care!


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