Monday, 30 March 2009

Steamboat at home.

Monday - 30th March 2009 - 10.55am

This is outdated post that i just remembered i wanted to blog about. March 5th.. a date very important in our family... March 5, 2009 marked another year older another year wiser for my brother. Haha. yes. my brother is getting old... but he's still my big brother that i adore, cherish and respect.

Anyway. it was his birthday and we had steamboat for his dinner. He's girlfriend prepared it for him. I was working that day. so i quickly got off work and went home for the dinner. It was a good dinner as i think i have not been with my family for quite sometime for dinner *due to work* but none the less... i had an enjoyable time.

Its a monday.. and i've just had a lovely bath, painted my nails and i've got a face mask on now. Life is good. I'm relaxed stress free and my hair is not falling out in bunches anymore. =) I'm Happy.

Our feast.

Birthday Boy...

Dip dip. Steammmboat.

All together now. Birthday Cake.

Wishing for the best in life.
HAhahaha. you're soooo stoned bro. Cut the cake and Eat it.
Love you with all my heart my kor-kor who's always there for me no matter what.

Alright. Hasta La Vista!


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