Thursday, 9 April 2009

I wanna see you..

Sunday - 030509

Can you believe it? it's already May... Malaysian's had a long weekend this week with it being Labor day and all. I had a nice relaxing day relaxing with the family. Was too hot on Friday so suggested to head up to gohtong for the fresh cooling air. Returned on Sunday and surprisingly it wasn't as hot as i imagined. Quite windy actually. How was you're weekend? Do share!

My friend in singapore actually asked me to head over there unfortunately none of my friends were available to join me... so maybe next time. =) i DEFINITELY wanna head over.

Friday - April 24, 2009 marks the day i became an auntie. welcome to the world Renee Yuan Mei Cole... My love goes out to my beloved sis, bro and little niece. Can't wait to see her when she comes over.

Well its a new month, new things to accomplish, new friends to make... Can't wait... Hope everyone has a great May month ahead. Have fun everyone!!

Welcome to the world Renee. =)

Renee with her dada.

Great weekend. Next post..

Right then... Love to all. have a great week ahead!


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