Tuesday, 5 May 2009

KL Federal Hotel

Tuesday 050509 - 2317

Last week was one of my friends birthday and the gang had planned to head to KL Federal Hotel's, Revolving Restaurant. The place was alright, got a bit dizzy from the moving ground haha.

Overall i would say that the place... was normal. the only plus about it was the revolving'ness haha.But i had a lovely time with my friends, it had been awhile since we last met. hopefully we will get to meet more often.

Work is piling up on me... so many things to do so little time! ahhhhh! Need to take a deep breath and arrange my time, efficiently and effectively. Wish me all the best peeps!

Sorry for the quality of the pictures. i forgot to bring my camera out that nite. a mistake.

bread to begin with

Red wine
Chicken something? lol.
Famous fish and chips.
ScallopsWishing... Wishing.. Happee Burfday.

Sweet Evon
Lovely Nat
Beautiful, Gorgeous, Lovely Kenix haha our dedication.

Right. time for bed. nitez.


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