Thursday, 28 May 2009

Friends & Family

28/05/09 - 11.30pm
It was another meet up with kirkstall babes + Rain. We spent a whole Saturday full of food, movie and chitter tatter. Meeting up with the girls was a blast, got to talk about the olden days (memories that will never leave us), our work, basically our life right now. Can't wait for our next meet up... hope it will be soon and not in another 2 months.

Spent last Saturday with the family and friends. We (family and I) made the famous bakchang (Chinese dumpling), it was extremely tiring making those dumplings... i think in total we made like 40++ dumplings! haha. I got pictures of the cooking and result but not of when we were actually tying them! dang. never mind. i wont forget to take it next year!
That night i went out with Nick and Jess to Laundry Bar.. quite a nice place. a nice place to get a drink and talk about nonsense... but you can do that everywhere eh? well.. if you wanna dress up but don't wanna go out clubbing you can go to Laundry Bar... nice and not too noisy (outside) haha. good muzac too.

Sunday was a day of relaxation... piece and quiet... SLEEP!!! lol. I did go out for dinner with Nick, Charmaine and Jess tho. We enjoyed our dinner at Harbour Steamboat and that it was complimentary from Nick. Thanks again Nick! Much appreciated.

RightyOh. I think I've typed enough.. Gonna be watching Night at the Museum 2 tomorrow. Would be great. any plans this weekend peeps? shall we hang out? =)

Shaarmini, Me, Rain and Elia at Seed Cafe

Aliaa, Shaarmini and me at Seed CafeBakChang - Boiling

Close it or it wont cook properly.
And presto! out comes BakChang (Chinese Dumpling)

Jess and Charmaine

Steamboat/ HotpotChili!

Me and Jess
Me and Charmaine
Nick, me and Jess
PS. I want this dress....


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