Thursday, 25 June 2009

Be cautious and take care

Thursday - 10.55am - 25 June 2009

With the increasingly high cases of AH1N1 going on in Malaysia... I thought of giving a few steps YOU could take to prevent YOU from getting it.

The four key things to do that will help in preventing you from getting the H1N1 Flu or Swine Flu:
1. Wash Your Hands
2. Cover Your Cough
3. Don't Touch Your Face
4. Stay Away from People Who are Sick

If you do get sick, stay home so you won't pass it on to anyone else. [Really urge you to do this, afterall you will be saving other people from getting it and if you dont have it you'll still recover faster when you have enough bed rest.]

You could also get a face mask and hand sanitizer to help prevent getting it. Especially now when all the students from overseas are returning during their summer or winter breaks... please... quarantine yourselves before going out to meet up with friends and what not.

On a lighter note, I'm so excited to be watching Transformers tonight!!! i really am sooo excited! It will be good! =)

Right then.. hope you all have a good chearpy Thursday ahead! and do keep clean. haha.


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