Monday, 29 June 2009

Happy lady.

Monday - 29 June 2009 -11.59p.m

Happy lady - due to the fact that my mother is back and the gender ratio now in the house is 2:2. Whoop!

I've been contemplating on whether i should attend one of my friends wedding's this year. Loads of questions and insecurities are in my mind. Well... i still have a long time to think about it. I think it all depends on who or where i am during that time. Ah well.. we'll see..

I've always known that i have the love for music.... and recently one of my favorites, the legend, the one and only, Michael Jackson has left the earth. He came in it to inspire, educate and love the people of this world, and we sure are sad to see him go. It was undoubtedly too soon. May he rest in peace.

On another note... A birthday wish goes out to one of my friend's

- Elaine San -

My friend asked me the other day... come in nov/dec or meet you in April? I have no idea... and i don't know how to answer him... But still got time.. so i will have to think about it this week and get back to him...

Oh yes! It's time for a change. ;)

Adios Amigo

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