Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Rockin' it at Hard Rock Penang

*Prepare for a long entry.
Date: 9-11 October 2009
Occasion: Siblings retreat!
Venue: Hard Rock Hotel, Penang
Mood: Funky Rockin' with the siblings.
Satisfaction: 9 1/2 out of 10 (only reason for the drop of half coz the hotel was like 3 weeks old so there was some lil problems like the shower leaking, the fresh paint smell and the slowness of their breakfast refills.)

Day One.
So we headed up north leaving the house at approximately 10.30am on the Friday. Got there in time to have auntie goggles famous char kuey teow! its not cheap ya know.. was like RM6.50 a plate! but well worth it.

We headed to the Hotel after that. Upon arrival, we all got a welcome drink and a dance performance(well not just for us la, we were in time for it). The hotel is filled with rock n roll stars from the likes of Elvis to the Beatles. pictures of Rod Stewart was all over the hotel room corridors which gave it that extra X factor of being 'Hard Rock'.

After checking out our retro and sophisticated touching the modern classic theme as well room we headed down to explore even more. The pool was a really creative innovation where kids had a place to have fun along with adults on those great slides, they had a section where it was a man made sea/beach part for those who didn't really like the sea water and lots safer for kids to play with sand and water instead of going down to the beach itself. Water sports was also available from banana boat, jet ski to water boarding and para-sailing. They had a games room too free for guest! You can log on to check your Facebook or Tweet to the world that you're at hard rock, to playing with your family on the Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.. ALL FOR FREE! 1st night dinner was seafood at a restaurant at Batu Ferringi road. We crashed out at 11pm.. lol. we were tired.

Day 2 - Time at the pool.

Woke up went downstairs for breakfast. It was good... however i do hope the speed up their services of refilling the food quickly.. or else they'll be getting bad reviews! Went upstairs got changed and text Angela to pop by to relax with us.

Swam around... went for a full body massage (ahhhh... relaxin') and then headed to town for hawker style dinner!

I managed to get some tan.. non noticeable tho. hehe.

Day 3

Breakfast - Internet - Checkout - Lunch at Auntie Goggles - Meet with the cousins on mainland - drive home. Arrived home at 7.30pm. Not too bad i have to say. hehe.

For more pictures, please log on to facebook go to my profile and view. Thanks.

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