Saturday, 14 November 2009

We Are Not who You Think We Are! WE ARE GOLDEN! We Are Golden!

I wrote this last night. but was sooo tired i just went off to bed. haha.

Just got back from the Taylor's Carnival (Family Night?) at bukit kiara. Overall i had fun. It was very entertaining... WAs a bit bummed out that i didnt win anything (lucky draw/dip) tho.

Welcome to the Carnival of Colours!

Alan C. Few secs at the carnival already win a hamper. Lucky dude.

Stephanie M. and Me.

Just the three of us.. enjoying the carnival!Hahahaha so cute! the mime i mean.

Stephy!!! Kiss for me????

And again the three of us enjoying the carnival.. Not so much the lucky draw tho.

Ahhh.... Free flow of Beer is a good thing.. no doubt it was watered down... Probably the ice.

My colourful accessories for the nite.


It was great fun, they had carnival games, candy floss, pop corn and much more! Not forgetting the buffet line for dinner. hehehe. Can't wait for next yearS!

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