Thursday, 20 May 2010

Part 2 - Singapore

Today was a good Thursday for me... This i'll just update with Singapore pictures and hit the sack!
So here goes!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

I was suppose to upload all the pictures on Thursday... but... i didn't manage to.. coz... i was really tired.. and i've been busy every night since then.

Anyway. This entry is gonna be a long one. i have tons of photo's. Enjoy?

Arrive at the airport train station waiting for the train to Ben's Place.

At Stadium MRT station waiting for LiPing.

Sabrina + Ben in front of Marina Bay Sands @ Night

Me and 1 of the Durians.

Sabrina and Liping infront of 1 durian

And again.

and again

now at a different place. In front of the Merlion

Marina Bay Sands at night.

Singapore skyline at night

Singapore Flyer

The Merlion and Fullerton Hotel

Thai Express of the first dinner!

Thai Steamboat

We found this on the way to Clarke Quay... Cool ey?

Decided to take some piccas

New found friend. Lyn @ Rebel


Headed to the Casino on the 2nd day.

It was HUGE


Woo! the three of us!

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Ping's and Me

Singapore Skyline during the day.

Marina Bay Sands.

Ben and I

Ben on his BB


Dinner @ a indonesian restaurant before clubbin.

Really AWESOME Beef rendang!

Fried Chicken

Some Fried Egg dish


awww. the three of us again

with Nick

Yes ben.. i know you want to be in the picture

Father and son?


Vodka with Cranberry or Orange?


Sab + Ben

and again

and again

Li Ping's!!!

Oopss? Nudity

Mwah camera!

Fish face?

That's it for the Singapore pictures. Next up Australian's cousin's visit to KL.

Goodnite everyone! Have a great week ahead!

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