Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Whoops! My bad.

Dear readers/blog. I'm sorry i've neglected you for awhile.. you see... i've been busy.. with work and the social part of my life... I am finally able to sit at the computer and type away on life...not rushing work or hanging out with friends at the near by mamak stall.

The month of May so far has had it's ups and downs...... excitement and sadness so far.. lets hope the rest of May is good for me. I doubt it tho. sigh.

On a happy note! I went to Singapore twice this month - the first time was for leisure and the second for business...

First trip was awesome! I had tons of fun.. little sleep... it was a great breakaway from work that i really needed... Work has been just real busy. urgh.

Second trip was good too. got to learn about how to run an alumni relations office and where to go from where we are now.

Soooooo all in all.. Singapore was AMAZING? another point is that i have awesome friends there. And i know i DON'T thank them enough.. So Thank you Thank you Thank You!! Benny, Li Ping, Nick and Kevin... YOU ARE AWESOME!

This week is jammed packed as well..... I've got 2 events to attend this week... i'll guess... i'll catch up on my beauty sleep during the day? haha.

Anywayz.. Enjoy the pictures.. =)

Only managed to upload these... Next post will be more!

Drinking a Flaming at ButterFactory, Singapore

Liping's Nerdy glasses ahahaha.


Sanas shy for the camera?


All of us.


Together now!


Liping, Nick and Sabrina
Went to Universal Studios!

TickettSsss Get your Tickettssss...

Yeah... babey...

Inside universal studios

Kisses anyone?

Huge tub of Hershey Syrup!

World's Largest Chocolate Bar?

Huge isn't it?

Mates forever

Coca Cola....

Resort World?

Hanging around.. thinking of what to do next...

Casino that looks like Genting?



White Dog Cafe...our drinks never came.. they save their asses by giving nick his drink on the house!

Sabrina + Benny

Li Ping + Sabrina

Nick - seriously... what's with the face?

Those are the second half of the pictures actually. First half will be up on the next post!

Have a great Thursday everyone! just remember it will be another 48 hours till the weekend! Whooopiiiee!


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